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    Holy f**king WAH pedals choices! First world problems....

    Spent some time looking through the Wah pedal choices. Dunlop has 33-ish different choices! Some look really cool, some not sure if the application is right for me. Have you guys had experience with these or other Wahs? Fulltone? BYOC? I want it to sound good. The Joe B. has caught my eye, but...
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    I’ve gone off the Marshall sound. What to try next?

    Only get this amp if you want the most versatile and pedal friendly amp on the market. By itself it is plays and feels like a Fender lineage with capability to get into the MArshall territory. Of course nothing is going to play like a cranked plexi except for a cranked plexi. I've had this amp...
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    Is Nitro Worth The Extra Cost vs a Poly Finish on a Guitar Body ?

    One of these days I want so see a video of a nitro-finished guitar breathing. I've heard on the internets that nitro allows wood to breathe but have never confirmed it nor experienced it.
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    My Sharona -just shoot me. Play it live?

    I didn't read through the whole thread but if you can pull it off like this, then you guys are something special: Matt Starr (the drummer) is out of this world
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    Why do I ‘need’ a Revstar?

    I have a RSP20CR. Fantastic guitar in every sense of the word. I did, however have to run through 4 of them to find one that wasn't too heavy. Each one that I played was great right out f the box. The VH7 pickups are some of the best pickups I have ever played. I've spent countless dollars on...
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    Bro Country is the new Hair Metal... Thinking of band names...

    Stealing this "bro adjacent"
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    The high price of a boutique PAF

    The sound of a PU is a combination of marketing, pictures, TPG acceptance, builder of of the month, how the pickup sounds in your basement, and how well someone can explain the minutiae details of construction that no one can realistically hear., and how some of us fall for it. That is the TGP...
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    Yamaha Revstar RSP20CR - 2 week review

    Quick review of the Yamaha RSP20CR: PROS: Awesome look, flawless build Action and intonation was perfectly setup right out of the box VH7 pickups are some of the best sounding pickups I've ever played, articulate but can grind Dry switch is very useful and sounds fantastic when engaged on the...
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    Recommend a guitar like this...

    Lol...maybe just a little bit of a neck Nancy... I had Revstar for about 2 weeks and it was very very good. I liked a lot of things about it before returning it for the weight issue. I was literally getting upper back/neck strain to the point that I had to take the guitar off. I'm really not...
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    Recommend a guitar like this...

    I am on a (real) search for a similar guitar as the Yamaha Revstar RSP20CR (custom, production, used, or new) except I would like: Fatter neck ('59 LP size or similar) A single-y type pickup in the neck (P90, TV Jones, Gold Foil (I don't have any experience with these)) A little lighter weight...
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    Country music has gotten progressively worse over the years

    Sturgill Simpson. Very, very good.
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    2018 Gibson Limited Runs

    LOL...this is a guitar made from SCRAPS of wood and marketed to be something its not. Way to go Gibson...I guess there really is a sucker born every minute (Not calling the OP a sucker....just anyone who shells out over $4k for this scrap guitar)
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    Recommend a a great wah wah

    Totally out of the loop (no pun intended) on this, but what would be a great all-around wah pedal? Does not need to be a classic cry baby and I want a slightly more modern sound, one that's quiet, and has a good sweep range. There's so many artist models, boutique, and other brands (Digitech)...
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    Which boutique builder makes a good VOX low watt amp (10-15 watts)

    Yes, this. Try a Lightning and a Spitfire. Both are 15 watt beasts but have a different sounds and feel.
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    Gibson Standard Historic and True Historic

    You're not really saying anything here other than what you were originally trying to say is not really true or is only true now and then.