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    FS TC Arena Reverb $79 pp/s --- EHX Neo Clone chorus $39 pp/s

    Both in very good condition and priced lowest online. Pictures from Package deal ok. TC Arena Reverb $79 paypal/shipped USPS Priority Mail: EHX Neo Clone Chorus $39 paypal/shipped:
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    Who's using the Nobels ODR-1 outside of 'Nashville'?

    I’ve settled on a used XTS Imperial Overdrive after trying various ODR-1 reissues. Its a keeper. I had a DCW Jam Ray for years so the DCW will be the next option. With a Mythical Overdrive at the end and a Nemesis Delay in between, it gets me into the Bill Frisell/Greg Leisz neighborhood...
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    FS PCE Aluminum Falcon David Klone (aka AFIII) $129 paypal/shipped

    One of the earliest and best klone models. Small box version with top power jack fits better on most boards. Good condition, and actual pictures available by email to $129 paypal/shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Here's a demo of the same pedal with the AF III label.