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    Swart Antares

    Thank you. I know little about tweed amps, as I have so little experience playing them., just a short test-drive on a Kendrick 4 x 10 Bassman, that's all. Sounded good, though.
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    Swart Antares

    ...and "old school" tweed tone is my goal. I can live without Trem and reverb, no disrespect to Swart. The Antares has my attention, though and I've never played it.
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    Swart Antares

    Howdy, With Weber's 30 watt AlNiCo Silver bell speaker, my 18 watt Dr. Z Carmen Ghia has pretty fair headroom. Mike Zaite insists that his Carmen Ghia has as many decibles clean as it does distorted. I agree. Besides, the Ghia is conservatively rated in terms of watts., it's likely more like...
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    Swart Antares

    Howdy, I'm on the fence between a Vicky Double Deluxe and Swart's Antares. You're just killin' me! LOL.
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    Which tube amp to get for home use?

    Howdy, I love my Dr. Z Carmen Ghia. Loudest 18 watts I've ever heard. Most important is it's versatility. Great for raunchy Blooze and useful for clean tones.
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    Rolling Stones gear on Beggars Banquet & Let it Bleed

    The photos I've seen at RCA studios in Hollywood ("The Last Time", "I can't git no", "19th Nervous Breakdown", "Git off My cloud", et al.) see Keith plugged straight into a blackface Fender amps, typically with his Epiphone.
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    Nad (almost) Dr Z Db4

    Thanks. Now, back to my 5-string tele plugged straight into my Ghia :)
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    Nad (almost) Dr Z Db4

    Howdy, Can we expect a re-release of the DB-4 in 2022? It frustrates this happy Carmen Ghia owner that my favorite other Z amps are no longer in production: Route 66, KT-45, DB-4, Mazerati and the Stangray. My only Z is the exceellent Carmen Ghia, but I want a different tone, without master volume.
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    Is there a drawback to a Post PhaSe Inverter Master Volume?

    Howdy, Life's too short for Master volume. It's getting harder to find amps without this cursed feature, especially in Dr. Z's excellent line of amps.
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    Dr. Z Jetta

    Howdy, ...but it would have a Master volume knob. I even phoned Humbucker music and asked them if they could order a Yetta from Dr. Z without a cursed MV knob. They told me that wouldn't be possible. Purists like me are a dying breed.
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    Dr. Z Jetta

    It would still have Master volume. It's my money, after all.
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    Master vs. Non Master volume amps

    Howdy, I won't have MV on my amp. It disappoints me to see Dr. Z turning away from traditional knob layout and moving heavily toward MV and more knobs. In fairness to him, he's a businessman and must give the majority of his customers what they want. Now that I've reached a point where I can...
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    Dr. Z Jetta

    Howdy, Master volume's a deal breaker for me. Dr. Z has discontinued so many desirable amps I'm now able to afford: Route 66, KT-45, DB-4 and the simple Mazerati come to mind. I have a strong preference for "new" amps and Z's Legacy program has either been temporarily suspended is is...
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    Kendrick Texas Crude Gusher, one of the best amps ever made.

    Howdy, Enjoyed your review. My LGS has a Texas Crude by Kendrick, in EC. I enjoyed the test drive very much, especially it's massive Bass and Treble at low volume. Wasn't really able to turn it up at the shop. Great clean tones. I'll be in position to buy it in a few more weeks, if it's still...
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    What is your lightest solid body guitar?

    8 lb. Gibson Les Paul Special. Mahogany slab body.
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