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    Best Leslie/Rotary in Rackmount format

    The Edge used a Line 6 Pod Pro for the Leslie/rotary sounds on U2’s One during their tours. I think you can pick one of them up for $100-150.
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    Eventide H8000 / Eclipse and XLR to 1/4"

    RJM Tone Saver or JHS Signal Splitter would be better options.
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    Eventide H8000 / Eclipse and XLR to 1/4"

    I've owned the Eclipse. Ran it with a mixer and without. The differences are extremely subtle. The converters are that good. It's nothing like the lower end units such as a TC G Major. THAT is a tone sucking machine. Since you're talking about pre/post and wanting flexibility.. might I suggest...
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    Rack effect with an Axefx 2

    For the money... Eventide Eclipse. Really tough to beat that combo with the Axe FX II. Had both for a while and it was really nice. Paired up with a Liquid Foot+ or RJM GT series midi controller and the sky is the limit for flexibility and tweaking on the fly.
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    Rack Re-do PCM80, Eclipse, Looperlative , SYN-2 and Switchblade

    Considering this is your live rig, the "compromises" you are making are going to be undetectable. Period. No ifs, ands, or buts. So many other variables in play such as mics, speakers, cabinets, FOH mixing. When you play a gig that everyone is wearing headphones and have an unimpeded signal from...
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    Rack Re-do PCM80, Eclipse, Looperlative , SYN-2 and Switchblade

    Great thread Marco. Your work using the Switchblade has me a bit curious. I wonder how does Robert Fripp handle the level issues that you are encountering since he uses the Switchblade with multiple Eventides, Axe FX, and other gear.
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    Midi Merger

    This only merges the Midi signal via two midi cables running into this box with 1 midi cable output. It has no effect on the routing of the audio signal.
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    Drive pedals with FX8

    Easiest way is: Guitar > Klon > Cornish G2 > Timmy > FX8 > Vertex Boost > Amp Front Amp Send > FX8 > Amp Return - Rickey
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    Please suggest a MIDI controller (Switchblade 8F)

    Here are some off the top of my head... Liquid Foot Jr., Liquid Foot Jr+, Liquid Foot Mini, Rocktron Midi Mate, Disaster Area DMC 8D, RJM Mastermind (the original, not the GT). They all have pros and cons. For this application, I would skip the 6M
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    Vertex products

    Can you solder your guitar jack directly to the input jack of the looper and then the output jack of the looper directly to your amp? Same with the send/return of the boost. New strings and pick as well. Also, make sure you wear a neutral color shirt. Kidding, come back to HRI, you posted a clip...
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    Vai with Axe FX

    From my understanding, the GForce is for acoustic only.
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    Boss switcher, new for Namm

    Oh I agree with you, the more midi functionality, the better. It's pretty much guaranteed to not be on par with the midi of the upcoming RJM Mastermind PBC but no other loop switcher really is. If it parallels the MKIV then it would be nice.
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    Boss switcher, new for Namm

    I don't see a USB port in any of the pictures so I guess any editing would have to be like the Musicom 6M and you would need a USB to midi adaptor.
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    Boss switcher, new for Namm

    This place cracks me up. People love to crap on a product before it's even out or they know ALL of the details about it. "it's too big" "it's too expensive" The unit appears to be 16 X 5.5". The Musicomlab MKIV is 13 x 5". Big deal. Let's look at the pros.. 1) The always wanted "preset naming"...