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    NGD - 335

    Really beautiful, congrats!
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    The best acoustic you've ever played? What's your fav brand?

    While looking at the acoustics at my local GC I saw a dreadnaught with a winged G on the headstock. I had never seen a Goodall in the wild before. I strummed a G chord and was blown away. I was priced at $1999. I still kick myself for not putting it on my credit card.
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    Acoustic to electric ratio

    Two electrics, two acoustics: Danocaster, Suhr/Martin, Taylor.
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    NGD: new 2020 Martin 000-42- Oh My!

    Lordy, that is sweet! Enjoy it.
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    Calling all Blue Guitars!!!

    This beauty appeared in the Emporium while I was on Danocaster's waiting list. Since it checked all the boxes for me, I cancelled my order and snagged it. Still makes me sweaty whenever I play it.
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    I think I want a Martin, but I need some help.

    i bought a new D-18 in July and it's absolutely gorgeous (looks and sound). For $4000 you could buy two of them.
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    Post your COVID acquisitions NGD!

    I cashed in some PTO and bought a Martin D-18. It's absolutely wonderful.
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    I think I want a Martin, but I need some help.

    I recently bought a new D-18. Cost $2000. It's wonderful.
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    String Question

    I have a Taylor Grand Symphony cedar/rosewood model that always felt a bit dull. I recently put on a set of 80/20s and's like a different guitar. Much clearer and brighter. I wish I'd have thought of it sooner. Try out a set; it doesn't cost much and you may be pleasantly surprised.
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    NGD: Les Paul wonderment.

    Yeow, beautiful!
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    John Suhr's customer service!

    That's a great looking guitar!
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    What's your favorite current compressor?

    I was really wanting to buy a Cali76 compact, but for as little as I play out, decided to exercise some self-control. I picked up an Xotic SP and I'm really enjoying it. Compression on low, blend at about 1 o'clock...lovely!
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    Help me find a “better” klone

    I've never tried a real Klon, but I recently picked up a non-vintage spec Mythical Overdrive from the Emporium and I think it's fantastic. I had the Archer for a while and I find the MO much more appealing. Best of luck in your search!
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    Danocaster Kubicki Glaser Single-Cut

    I saw Mike McAdam play the first time I went to Key West. Afternoon gig with a three-piece band, including the great Ericson Holt on vocals and piano. McAdam (and the others) were great. He put on a clinic of tasteful playing and beautifully crafted solos. Great slide player, too. He plays...
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    Incoming NGD my first LSL

    Beautiful guitar, congratulations!