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    Who are the Bands you got to see live when they were in their absolute prime and at the top of their game ?

    1967- Paul Revere and the Raiders (featuring Mark Lindsey). Don’t laugh. They were great. They enjoyed several radio hits around that time. 1973- ZZ Top in Fargo, ND. They blew the roof off the place. 1975- Edgar Winter group (with Rick Derringer). “Shock Treatment“ album tour. Great...
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    Then & Now : Who Put Together The Best Plan For Success And Is Living The Best Life In The Music Industry ?

    No. Dave Clark of the Dave Clark Five, back in the mid-60’s. They were an extremely successful band for a few short years with lots of hits and touring. Mr. Clark maintained rights to their catalog and became very wealthy off it for years after the band was no more. There was a very good...
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    “Silent” Writing Partners of the Famous?

    Jimmy Webb wrote many hits for Glen Campbell.
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    So Who is the True King of Rock n Roll?

    What? No Carl Perkins? He was gigging in taverns at the age of 14 in 1946. He wrote Blue Suede Shoes, among other hits recorded by others like the Beatles.
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    Ritchie Blackmore’s 335s and Strats

    Loved the tone he got on their hit “Hush” 1968(?).
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    Nobels ODR-1

    What is considered original for an ODR-1? I bought mine in 1999 new for <$100 (IIRC). Gigged it for a good 15 yrs. Tried many, many various replacements over those years, but always came back to the ODR-1. I just ordered one for my 15 yr old grandson for Christmas. I might have to take it...
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    Great Rock Bands that should have had more commercial success ?

    Kenny Rankin Rick Derringer Todd Rundgren
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    Most Depressing Song With An Upbeat Melody

    Help Me: Joni Mitchell.
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    Favorite Lineup of Bands who Changed Members

    Edgar Winter Group with Rick Derringer. The later version of Utopia with Kasim Sulton..
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    Urinal encounters with famous people

    Dallas guitar show around ‘98-‘99 when it was still at Fair Park. I was exiting one of the large outdoor restrooms. I almost collide with someone coming in, as I round a corner. I’m 6’5 and the other person is about 5’ nothin’. All is see is the top of his head, until he looks up. I step...
  11. R’s the cover that’s the better version!

    Summertime Blues - The Who