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  1. rob2966

    Why do people confuse speed & technical skill with musicianship?

    I always find this sentiment (fast playing = lack of emotion) amusing, and does leave me curious about where these generalities come from. As an example, lets use Altitudes by Jason Becker. When it hits the sweep picking section around the 2min mark I most definitely feel it. It feel like I...
  2. rob2966

    Maybe a little advice on small Bass amps.

    The speaker size is fine, 30-60W is nothing for bass. I use a small classD amp (600W, 6lbs) and have two speaker choices. My full 4x10 cabinet, or a neo 1x12 (only 30lbs). The class D amp and neo 1x12 makes a very effective small rig. And just for reference, my amp is a Markbass LMII, my...
  3. rob2966

    Ways to change Gotoh trem Suhr S to non-floating

    I installed a Tremol-No on my Suhr Pro S4. It does work well but... - it is a bit fussy to flip the guitar and lock/unlock using the set screws, I tend to just keep it locked these days - have to remember which mode it is in, you don't want to go for that monster dive bomb if it is locked...
  4. rob2966

    I walked into a rehearsal with my pedalboard and amp and was asked to plug straight into a DI

    If you really still want a tube amp in the mix, get one of the Revv lunchbox amps (D20 or G20). The direct to FOH sounds great, better than almost all mic'ed amps from my experience. You can also have a small cabinet on stage if the venue allows for your own monitoring, otherwise just engage...
  5. rob2966

    Helix setup for amp and PA simultaneously

    Sounds like there are a few options (and yes, mine is the HX Stomp). Probably time to experiment a little.
  6. rob2966

    Helix setup for amp and PA simultaneously

    Hi all, did a bit of searching and didn't quite find what I was looking for (maybe used wrong terminology). I am trying to figure out the best way to set up my patches to support amp, PA, or both at the same time. I currently have the HX Stomp, and will soon be practicing in a jam space that...
  7. rob2966

    LIVE vocals so good it is outrageous

    Exactly what I was going to post.
  8. rob2966

    NGD: Aristides H/06r

    Very nice. An H/07 is definitely on my future guitar list.
  9. rob2966

    Incoming NGD Kiesel Content

    Awesome. Last year I jumped on the Kiesel train too. ZM7 and HD6x. Been extremely happy with the outcome of both. So easy to play, extremely well built. I am sure there is a 3rd one in my future (but not quite yet). Enjoy.
  10. rob2966

    Non-traditional Acoustic Guitar

    My Rainsong carbon fiber parlor. Not recommended with a wooden acoustic.
  11. rob2966

    NGD - Kiesel HD6X (headless Delos w/ trem)

    It was pretty much 3 months exactly.
  12. rob2966

    NGD - Kiesel HD6X (headless Delos w/ trem)

    My second Kiesel arrived this morning. It is a headless Delos model with the following specs: - swamp ash body, antique ash finish, satin - 22-fret maple neck, flamed maple fretboard, no markers - Beryllium pickups neck and bridge - Keisel Hipshot trem (full floating) Only have had an hour or...
  13. rob2966

    Guitar to amp spending ratio

    Most of my guitars are higher price than my amps (but not all). However, in total, I spend WAY more on guitars than amps. I only have two amps (three if you count the HX Stomp) but I have many guitars.
  14. rob2966

    Everything Les Paul - Post 'em if you got 'em!

    My recently acquired 2019 Heritage Cherry Burst Standard and 2011 Goldtop P90 Studio.
  15. rob2966

    I'll admit it. Brand matters to me

    For the iconic models, I tend to just look at the iconic brands, and not truly for resale reasons (although I agree it makes a difference). My Les Paul guitars are all Gibson, my Strat is an American Fender, my Tele is an American Fender. Other brands just seem lesser or "knock-off", even if...
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