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Recent content by Rock72

  1. Rock72

    Got pics of Guthrie Govan and Bryan Beller's pedalboards from tonights show

    Cool, thanks. I´m sure Gowan is sad he can´t post in "TGP Neatest Pedalboard Threads"
  2. Rock72

    Best Wide-Ranging Marshall-type Drive/Distortion Pedal

    Great pedal, I agree with the two above posters
  3. Rock72

    I wish Cioks were more widely used...

    This. Covers all my needs with mA hungry pedals, and works great.
  4. Rock72

    od11 custom

    Since you use the word "claims" you don´t believe those who says it?? Schematics, components, values and TGP ethics of cloning aside, yes it does sound different. Not saying better, I´ll let each decide. FWIW, I´ve own/owned all three mentioned.
  5. Rock72

    Is the Sparkle Drive the only one of its kind?

    The Pure Drive from NOC3 is great for that
  6. Rock72

    What's your favorite amp RIGHT NOW?

    Right now it is a Tone King Falcon. Perfect for me as a home player. Works great with guitar straight into the amp, so set slightly more for cleans with a few pedals. Very versatile and the built in attenuator works great.
  7. Rock72

    Did anyone buy Vemuram Jan Ray recently being aware of the recent affair?

    Have one too, bought before the controversy. Like the sound, no intention of flipping it. But I do agree, in this day and age where little originality remains, they should have been forthcoming about what it is based on and given credit. And I still feel that they should have been more...
  8. Rock72

    Bogner Blue vs Carl Martin Plexitone Single?

    Anyone had a chance to compare these two? I´m thinking especially the Blue in pleximode. Does the Carl Martin have more gain?
  9. Rock72

    The pest pedalboard for me right now

    I did this for a while, with the Dr Z attenuator. The K19 is an awesome amp. Then I got sucked into pedals again...
  10. Rock72

    Lollar Blackface or Blonde for my strat

    I am interested in knowing this too
  11. Rock72

    Did the mods pull the toneczar thread?

    Emotions run high in TGP land...you either get beaten up or hyped...until beaten up. Gear is a matter of life and death here I´ve had the Dove. Still miss it.
  12. Rock72

    Prince Of Tone opinions

    I´ve had the KOT two times but found I didn´t use both sides. Now I have the POT on its way, and if its bigger brother is anything to go by, it will be most excellent
  13. Rock72

    FINALLY wired up my Ciokolate power supply... and it's not working properly. Help?

    I do have a Ciokolate which I set up a fortnight ago. Because I am not very technical, and as a man should, hate manuals, I emailed Cioks with a list of my pedals and how to set it up (outlets and dip switches). So I just followed their guidance. Reading about your problems, I´m glad I didn´t...
  14. Rock72

    Questions on Timeline versus Timefactor

    Only because of the possibilities it offers in addition to what OP asks (TF delays). That´s all.