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    Amps with underrated cleans

    I was wondering if anyone would mention this amp. It dropped my jaw wide as well. Years ago I bought this amp, sight unseen from overseas. I picked it up at an airport in another state, and took it straight to a live album recording I was involved with at that time (gospel). I set it up while...
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    That amp that got away

    Those amps just did not sell for years and years and years. Saw them listed well under 1k with no takers. Seems prices have increased at some point though.
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    Jacking up your fees for live music - any requirements?

    I'm feeling the increased costs. Just fuel alone is killing me. I took a regional gig last week that was worth 700+, but then I probably spent 140 getting there and home again and unfortunately the other players all had get there in separate vehicles due to other work/family commitments either...
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    RIP Kelly Joe Phelps

    Listening right now, just heard the news. Truly sad news. Amazing player, artist and singer. How tragic. Thankfully there's a good catalogue of recording and video to help remember him. Hope I hear him again someday...
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    Why does the Australian accent sound terrible when singing?

    With singing, do what comes naturally. The voice has to built. The more you do it, the better it gets. The accent will take care of itself. We respond to songs and singers for all sorts of random reasons. Find your voice through just consitently working at it. I wouldn't think much about how...
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    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    One of the very greatest guitar heros. I bought VH 1 and 2 as a kid. Eruption was absolutely jaw dropping. Thanks to youtube, a gained a new appreciation hearing how amazing his guitar takes were on that early stuff. Superstrats, hot-rodded marshalls, tapping, dive bombs, crazy techniques. Truly...
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    Most unique 90’s guitar tone

    Talk Show is a great and underappreciated record! Dean Deleo's tone and single coil sound really woke me up to chasing single coils over humbuckers. There's many 90s bands that had much more unique guitars sounds, back when it was so much harder to figure out gear, a lot of players ended up...
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    If you could’a stood in one spot in Rock n Roll history...

    Johnny Cash's Folsom prison set. Any early 70s ZZ top gig. Any mid 70s Floyd. U2 '83 red rocks - Blood Red Sky, or Sun City 87 era. ACDC - Bon Scott Era - 76/77 era would have been epic.
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    Saddest songs ever

    Actually, "How to make gravy" but Paul Kelly is pretty special. The story of a guy stuck in prison, missing his family on christmas day. Hello Dan, it's Joe here I hope you're keeping well It's the 21st of December And now they're ringing the last bells If I get good behaviour I'll be out of...
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    Saddest songs ever

    I forgot about this one, but it's a hell of a song. Great choice.
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    Saddest songs ever

    This is a great question. Glenn Campbell - Wichita Lineman "And I need you more than want you, And I want you for all time And the Wichita lineman is still on the line" Johhny Cash' version of Hurt Death Cab for Cutie - I will follow you into the dark "If heaven and hell decide that they...
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    The Steel Woods

    Just found these guys via Apple Music among related artists while hunting for new stuff. Sounds great. Killer guitar work.
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    How we made records in the 90's

    Oh man. That's a pretty amazing list. The STP stuff - wow.
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    Guitarcentric songs that stopped you in your tracks

    This is a great question. As a kid with very few albums at all, this energy and interplay of this struck me. This album had a huge impact - the rhythm and delay as much as the lead. The guitar intro for this song blew me away. So many more, including Eruption, SRV, Soundgarden, Pantera...
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    Guitarcentric songs that stopped you in your tracks

    I only heard for the first time about 5 years ago. Blew me away.
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