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    FS Bearfoot Pedals

    Model G+ $175 shipped. Pale Green Comp $175 shipped.
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    WTB Lovepedal Eternity Fuse

    Let me know, thank you.
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    FT 1965 Fender non-reverb Deluxe

    Played a Tone King Imperial MKII at a show recently and liked it a lot, was cool having two channels. Seeing if anyone would be interested in trading. This '65 Deluxe has replaced transformers and replaced caps and resistors where needed. Work was done by an amazing local amp tech, Muleskinner...
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    Barber Fuggedaboutit

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    Trying to like the Grateful Dead

    One From The Vault is killer too.
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    NGD - Dave's Guitar Shop Limited Edition American 1962 reissue Telecaster - Vintage Blonde

    I have kept the guitar stock so far, I really like the pickups and threaded steel saddles.
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