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Recent content by Ron W

  1. Ron W

    Talk me out of a Down Brownie

    Hi Jason, Probably looking at late summer availability for the Center Volume Big House (2x10 Super), Nellcote (3x10 Band Master) and Citadel (4x10 Concert). Cab designs are done and built, custom vinyl dye matched for correct shade of pinkish-beige tolex, Heyboer custom wind transformers are...
  2. Ron W

    Talk me out of a Down Brownie

    The Metro Zero-Loss FX Loop is a $175 option on the Down Brownie.
  3. Ron W

    Cutthroat Audio Francene

    That's a 2x10 combo w/EC Collins grill cloth using a Weber 30W Alnico Silver 10 + 30W Weber Ceramic Silver 10.
  4. Ron W

    Sold Fryette Power Station PS1

    Recently upgraded to a PS2, so selling this one. Original box, manual and power cable included. $450 shipped CONUS PayPal. Please PM me with any questions.
  5. Ron W

    Whats your favorite guest appearance for a guitar player? Might learn some things here.....

    Nick Lowe's comments after the take are hilarious!
  6. Ron W

    Help me end my amp search

    The Down Brownie is available in a 240V version. I’m getting ready to ship one to a customer in Australia. Shoot me a PM and we’ll get one headed your way.
  7. Ron W

    Cutthroat Audio Down Brownie

    Yes, definitely gonna happen guys. My backlog is very strong right now. I have all the parts on hand; just need to find the time to get one proofed out. The Revibe will be 1/2 6G15 reverb with NOS 6K6GT for power, and 1/2 early harmonic trem (cloned from my '60 center volume Concert). It may...
  8. IMG_8256.jpg


  9. Ron W

    Sold Cutthroat Audio Francene Bluesbreaker Style I 2x10 Combo in Purple; 6G3 Circuit

    Francene is a British voiced 20W combo that is a "what-if" recreation of what the Marshall 1974/1958 combos might have been if they had been "inspired" by the 6G3 Brown Deluxe, instead of the Watkins Dominator. Affectionately known as Down Brownie's "sister from another mister". '65 JTM45 & '68...
  10. Ron W

    WTB Kevin O’Connor London Power Ultimate Tone Books

    Looking for a complete set of these.