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Recent content by Ronsonic

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    Tool to hold Nut Files?

    That's the one. My CMC joint has been telling me about things like this lately. Going to try that.
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    Favorite Tele Neck Shape?

    I don't think there's any telling you what you'd like. Keep track of what you try and try to find the kind of repeatable, quantifiable measurements that you can communicate to the neck builder. Dimensions can be picked out of a catalog, nut width and thicknesses at the first and 12th fret are...
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    Tool to hold Nut Files?

    I use an Xacto razor saw for most of the cutting for the E & B and just touch the bottoms with the file. I also use the saw for a starter cut for the other strings. I haven't tried it, and I wish I could find the link .... Someone on-line had pics of him using a door hinge folded over the file...
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    Harmony H-44

    I would just thickness the headstock to match the tuners you want to use. I haven't spent much time with one of those, but all the vintage Harmony's I've met either completely normal or just a touch thicker than most guitars. I'm curious where you got your plan for that. Been looking to play...
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    Tru Oil / Tung Oil / Shellac over solid colour finish?

    As nicely as all of those accent the color and texture of wood, they don't have the same effect on solid colors. Black is especially difficult since it shows every imperfection of whatever goes over it and these finishes don't lay down like modern urethanes and such and they don't allow the lay...
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    Reclaimed fir from 100-year-old building...any guitar uses?

    Here are some examples of reclaimed wood guitars. Lots of other examples in that thread. Some fine, others more rustic.
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    Tru oil, when is it dry?

    More beautiful work, Tom. What did you use as a filler on that?
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    Advice for repairing dents in solid wood, semi-hollow bass body

    I would have expected the guy who dropped it to say something like "that never happened and the next time you see this instrument there will be no evidence of it." Even more I'd expect it to remain in the case until it was being worked on. Steaming out dents is legit. Combined with drop fill...
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    Any tricks to deal with a twisted neck?

    First and best option: Send it back. They sold a defective product and will make good on it. This isn't about the stupid plastic film, it's about a guitar that's going to get it's logo carved off and sent to the knackers. Next: send it to an authorized service center for repair under warranty...
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    A humbucker with two Tele bridge pickups?

    I'm going to have it open to install a longer lead at my next rewire and general overhaul and will know a lot more about it then. I think the individual magnets would work better and be closer to the dual tele concept. It does work for me, as it is.
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    A humbucker with two Tele bridge pickups?

    I've got a Nighthawk and that is what Gibson apparently tried to do. It splits extremely well, much better than most 'buckers, so they got that part right. Wouldn't say it sounds like a Tele, but certainly can fill that sonic niche. As a full humbucker it's pretty metal. It sounds like they...
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    SG repair question

    That's not an unusual problem with those. In fact I have an early 70's Junior in post-punk condition and it has the same crack*. On mine there was almost no gap so it was just a matter of stretching it a tiny bit, working Titebond Original, into the crack and clamping it. If that crack is open...
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    LP wrap arounds?

    Yes, it will. It fits wraparound spacing and screws into US threaded bushings and has a generous intonation range.