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    Anybody have a PT Nano and a Mono Guitar Tick?

    You can put taller feet on the Nano if you need more height instead if building another board, FYI. Sorry, can't help with the tick though.
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    Orange OR15 vs Marshall DSL40, MXR Badass Distortion

    The Orange isn't very pedal friendly, I suggest skipping the Badass OD and getting an EQ pedal instead. You can sculpt the high mids and treble range to get close to a Marshall sound. I do this with my Orange amps when needing more cut.
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    Orange Crush series?

    I own a new 2015 Crush 20. It has weird artifacts in the decay of the overdrive, and so do the larger Crush Pros. I wouldn't recommend them. It gets the job done for low volume noodling, but I should've purchased another amp. The clean channel sounds decent, but I haven't played any...
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    looking for new amp under $750.

    Your ears are deceiving you. That amp is well over a grand and are being blown out right now. It will fit the style perfectly and its lightyears beyond a Tweaker. Bad Cats, even the Chinese made ones are solid amps.
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    Can you hear the "hollow" in a hollowbody jazz guitar?

    Tele neck pickups are beautoful for jazz.
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    You only get two electric guitars...

    2 teles I okay modern rock/indie stuff
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    College Amp

    You want something insanely cheap in a dorm. Theft is rampant at college.
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    Amphones or amplug at the end of a pedal chain?

    Why use an Amplug than a small solid state amp with a headphone output?
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    Talk me out of getting one of the Worn Brown LP Studios

    well it's brown and that's the color of poop
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    Your fave always on pedal that gives "more of everything"

    MXR 6-band gives me more of everything, or less, or more of specific things I want on certain days I'll put my EQ head to head against the best boosts and overrdrives out there
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    British high gain distortion for SS amp

    It's a little out of my price range. I don't mind spending a good amount for gear I gig with, but this will mostly be for home use.
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    British high gain distortion for SS amp

    I have a little solid state practice amp that I use for general bedroom noodling. It has a decent clean channel that I would like to hit with a distortion pedal to get a high gain British flavored sound. I like things to be a little on the thick midrange, maybe a little wooly side, but I'm...
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    New Quilter Aviator Gold Series

    Thanks for posting this. It's not much of a demo, understandably since it's an overview of the amp. The few seconds of playing sound good though. It'd be great to see a more extensive demo of the tones. Is this the 12" version?
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