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    Anyone Going To The Rocky Mountain Archtop Festival?

    That looks fantastic. Interesting to see Eastman in that list of luthiers.
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    County Fair. Cover Band. Sweet Child O Mine...

    Any riff that repeats the same few notes over and over is difficult for me.
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    K&K pick up system

    If a K&K Pure Mini doesn’t sound great it’s not installed properly. Period.
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    Collings I-35 LC Vintage

    I got mine about noon today. Oh my! I haven’t felt the need to plug it in yet. My initial impression is that it’s everything the regular LC is, with a bit of I30 thrown in. It feels like a living thing.
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    Willcutt's Guitar Shop? What say the TGP?

    Good folks. Call and ask them for best price.
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    NGD Collings 0002H

    It’s not something you see often. It like an SJ, but with a little less bass and a little more balance. It works well for just about anything, but would excel at recording, I think.
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    Which pickgaurd would you choose? or something else?

    The one with pickups in it :p Tortoise is never a bad choice.
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    Need Help ID’ing this Tele!

    Not Mex. US Hot Rod. They’re good guitars.
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    New country band is getting another guitar player.

    Country crowds usually like a wide variety, so you can play Skynyrd to George Jones. Have fun.
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    Collings I-35 LC Vintage

    I did get the one from Fullers. The pic I posted is from Collings Facebook page. Same guitar
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    Sold Collings 0002H Maple

    OUT OF TOWN UNTIL 8/12 2007 Collings 0002H with maple back sides and neck. Just bought an I 35LC Vintage and need to replace funds. Reverb listing $4599 shipped and pp’d here
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    Collings I-35 LC Vintage

    Here’s a pic.
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    NGD Collings 0002H

    Well, wouldn’t you know it. I’ve been looking for a Collings I 35LC Vintage in Faded Cherry and one showed up in Houston over the weekend. Sadly, this one will have to go to the Emporium soon.
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    Collings I-35 LC Vintage

    They‘re only $6825. :D
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