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    Looking for new bass amp, where to begin?

    I would respectfully disagree... I think bass amps have changed dramatically in a relatively short time. Class D is a game changer but the most recent generation hit much harder than the earlier ones. You get much lighter weight, higher power, and now you’d be hard pressed to say they don’t...
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    What is one amplifier you regret selling?

    2 1964 Deluxe Reverb with an EV speaker in it... best amp I've ever played rebuilt silverface champ with Weber blue dog 12. Great amp that was the perfect volume at my age & situation
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    The best acoustic you've ever played? What's your fav brand?

    I’ve been playing Lowdens since the mid 80’s. I’ve owned and played scores of other high end guitars but Lowdens are it for me. I’ve owned 5 over the years I had one stolen in Philadelphia in ‘99 - an L25C, serial number 271. If anyone runs across it, I’d love that guitar back. It was my...
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    Soft case recommendations for Fender American Precision Bass

    The Protec Contego is my favorite mid priced bag by far and I’ve owned almost all of them - Reunion Blues, Mono, Access, Body Glove, Levy’s, even an Incase. Indeed, I prefer the Contego to many bags that cost a lot more. FWIW, my favorite bag is a leather Glen Cronkhite... not medium priced.
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    Guitar player has question for Bassists re: speakers

    there are a couple that do digital front ends - for example the Bergantino B|Amp - but as was said, the power amp is not digital at least in the traditional sense.
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    So, yeah, I'm a guitar player, playing at bass...

    good advice here... there are lots of us who have transitioned partially or completely from guitar to bass. Play. Play as much as you can. A church or synagogue band can be a really good way to do that. Some are even paid gigs. If you don't have a drummer to work with, I find my Beat Buddy...
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    Choosing my first vintage blackface amp!

    another vote for the Deluxe. I love the 6V6's. I payed one for years with an EV in it that I positively loved. If you need more volume than it can do, you're playing too loud ;-)
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    Mooer micro pre-amps clean?

    I've thought of the joyo too...
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    Mooer micro pre-amps clean?

    Yes. But it is nice to have the cab sim, simple as it is in this iteration, built in plus the option of the dirty channel too
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    Mooer micro pre-amps clean?

    I’m looking for a preamp and am interested in the Mooer micros... but the videos all seem to focus on the dirty tones. I’m most interested in the cleans. Any thoughts/impressions regarding which ones do the best cleans? Unfortunately, I like Vox, Marshall, & Fenderish cleans so I’m open to...
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    Bass for a Guitar Player:

    Nobody has mentioned the Ibanez Mezzo - a 32 inch scale bass with the same pups as the Mikro but adding an active preamp. As was said for the Mikro, the J pup is the weak point and unfortunately nothing else is a direct fit. You need to do a tiny bit of routing or sanding to make a normal J...
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    NGD: Logan Tele

    So... got the guitar back from my tech today and everything is good.
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    NGD: Logan Tele

    My impression is that he builds the bodies but not the necks. And I’m pretty sure that he does the finish. I’m not positive about any of it though.
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    NGD: Logan Tele

    So a follow up... The more I played the guitar the more buzzes I noticed... took it to my tech who said the frets were a mess. Took it for a fret-level and dressing. He had it a day and called me. He said the frets were so bad he didn’t think he could dress them and that it needed a refret...
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    Jim Kelley 2 channel line amp zebra wood combo

    where is the auction for #16?