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    Refinish for Ibanez RG

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    FM3: Gilmour's 'Sound-On-Sound' Effect?

    Yes. Assign the “hold” on the reverb to a switch. However watch Leon Todd video using the synth and pitch blocks to create drones according to scales... is amazing and super fun!!!
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    If you could only own ONE guitar for the rest of your life...

    Telecaster.... Kotzen model specifically
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    Refinish for Ibanez RG

    That’s exactly the color. I’m sorry but I can’t add pictures, not sure why. To all who have replied thanks. I would elaborate a bit, maybe that can help me find some answers too. This was my first “good” guitar. It was my main one for a few years. I loaded with Dimarzios and the sound was...
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    Refinish for Ibanez RG

    Hello, this is the “oldest” guitar I still have with me. Is a 99 Ibanez RG 570 in a finish called Vampire Kiss. I don’t really play that guitar much anymore as my style has shifted to “non-shred” side. I was thinking of selling the guitar but I just couldn’t... this weekend I play with it for a...
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    FM3 quick questions

    IMO Only the virtual capo latency is subpar. The other pitch effects sounds good and the latency is acceptable
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    FM3 on the way!!

    Welcome back Karl
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    IEM noise with BEHRINGER XR16

    Xlr from console to p2 and the kz 3.5 included cable from p2 to iem
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    IEM noise with BEHRINGER XR16

    Thanks. The 215 make less noise connected to the same p2. All aux are presenting the same issue. The noise is present even with the aux outs at zero
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    IEM noise with BEHRINGER XR16

    Hello guys, hope you’re doing great. We change our console for rehearsal space and got the BEHRINGER XR16... that let us use iem and ditch the small console + jam hub we used and was a total fuzz of cables. However we’re having a hard time due to noise (seems like white noise) on en ears when...
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    Fractal FM3 - Reviews, Tones, Questions

    You can have 4 different reverbs on one block and select then for each scene via channels. But there’s only one reverb block... and if you add a plex delay (specially the shimmer) the cpu is gone be a problem if you need more fx.
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    Fractal FM3 - Reviews, Tones, Questions

    You can do that in a very large number of ways... scenes, fx layout...
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    Modeller users: FRFR or Real Cab and power amp?

    FRFR. That let me dial the tones to go direct to foh and iem. I also find the cabs add too much color and are not as versatile as using the IR
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    FM3 Matchless D30 EF86 channel!

    Great Amp model!!! The normal channel is great also
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    If you could put together the lightest, best sounding digital rig (from guitar to FOH) including FRFR...what would you use?

    Done that. Sometimes it works... but there’s a big chance you’re gonna miss your monitor/stage volume if iem are not available. WTF I’m doing reading tgp today at this time? This covid disaster is really changing the way we live