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    Show your pedalboard: 2021

    The Looker plus the P&C plus a Moog Ring. Awesome. I'd have fun with this board.
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    Do you add a strap button?

    I have a Fender DG-11 (cheap) that I added a strap button to just like the one on my SG. I really like it. I hate the placement of the button that is on my Guild. Seems to make the guitar hang weird. Pretty sure it's factory and wasn't added by a previous owner. I should try the headstock...
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    How often do you change strings.

    I've been changing my acoustic strings more often than electric, and even the acoustic strings last a few months. Acoustic strings you can hear easily when they need to be changed. Electrics, usually when I see/feel flatspots or break a string.
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    So many great drive pedals.....

    I've been experimenting quite a bit too with what I have to choose from. Somehow this works really well. The Luxury Drive-->Hot Cake has been a favorite of mine for a long time. Hot Cake alone is great breakup sound; adding the Luxury Drive in front of it thickens it up quite nicely. The...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Weird sounds that just sucked me in and I ended up listening to the whole album.
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    Strymon BlueSky?

    I like my BlueSky. It has a decent amount of options without being overkill. My preset is a dark spring reverb to match an old combo amp reverb I liked. I think it sounds good. I'm sure there are better spring reverb sounds available now in newer pedals but I'm happy with it. The shimmer and mod...
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    Gibson SG Underrated

    The SG has been my favorite guitar since I bought my Standard new in '93. Everything is stock on mine aside from adding some foam under the pickups to match the string angle. I use that guitar for everything so I feel it's quite versatile.
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    Do you leave your good guitars out or do you case them after playing?

    My tele, SG, '90s Talman, and Guild acoustic all live in cases when not being played. All other guitars are out, either on stands or on a rack I built.
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    Which pedals were instant keepers for you, no drama, no doubts?

    Hot Cake Boss DD-6 Audio Menagerie Polar Bear Fuzz T. Jauernig Luxury Drive
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    How well did “Kill ‘em All” age?

    Jump in the Fire is still my favorite Metallica song. Everything on Kill 'Em All has aged better than the St. Anger snare drum.
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    Using a 4x12 cabinet at lower volumes?

    Currently my main amp is an old small Kalamazoo Reverb 12. It's an open-back 10" speaker combo amp. But, it has an 8ohm speaker out so I've been plugging it into my Mesa 4x12 and it sounds glorious. 4x12 cab brings out the fullness and bass that the open-back 10" combo just can't do. The 4x12...
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    Dunlop Stubby picks?

    The small purple Stubby, the 205, and 206 are fun for a change of pace once in awhile but I always end up going back to the regular red Jazz III.
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    a stupid pedalboard wiring question

    If you like the board layout as-is you could get the 3' cable you mentioned and keep the excess cable tucked under the board with wire ties. The pedals are on the outside so the full-size plugs won't change pedal spacing. Could also build a cable.
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    Do you wash your hands before you play guitar?

    Usually. If I was eating, doing yardwork, or in the woodshop then yes for sure wash hands before playing. If I took a shower then used my computer or watched TV for an hour or so before playing then probably not.
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    Steel wool for dirty fretboard

    0000 steel wool on frets, but I don't really use steel wool on the board. Maybe steel wool lightly and just in spots if it's really needed. Usually wiping the board with a cloth is good enough. My boards are fairly clean and I like to think it's because I wash my hands before I play.