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    Crate vintage club owners

    The slight bulge is typical, and doesn't necessarily indicate anything. The hot glue was to keep them from migrating and trashing the solder joints, if I recall someone saying correctly. On a side note, THIS THREAD GOES ON FOREVER. Guess we really like these things. My current Crate stash: a...
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    Crate vintage club owners

    Totally worth the time, isn't it? Just finished a complete overhaul of one here, all new jacks and pots, too. Apparently, somebody's girlfriend had issues either with his GAS or him. Never seen that many smashed potentiometers on the inside of an amp chassis before.
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    Crate vintage club owners

    Pull the chassis, and bring them just that. A lot easier to muscle around. Be careful near those caps though!
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    Crate vintage club owners

    We're still out here, no worries. Ask away, somebody will pick it up. I ended up getting a second chassis off of fleabay, just for parts, $40 right? For the heck of it I put my old tubes in it after cleaning up some solder joints, and replacing a couple missing bits. My god the thing rocks...
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    Married guys with guitar rooms- post pics! This should be a short thread!!

    I'm a Chiropractic Assistant and Tai Chi teacher, $o quantity of cool ain't happening. Most everything I have was gotten broken and then restored/fixed/rigged. Set of four pics.
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    Dillion guitars?

    I have a DR450 that just got new electrics and SD Alnico II Pro pups. WOW what a difference that made. ?;D My '07 Gib LP gets played less now. ?;(
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    The 'I have more than 3 amps' thread...

    Wow. I feel like a piker in here. Vox AD120VT 212 combo Vox AD120VTH w/a Vox 212 Crate Vintage Club 5212 Randall Rockstack RG20ES Pignose 7-100 Fender Mini Twin couple of Vox amplugs
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    Fantastic find.....

    Uhm..WOW...HOLY CRAP...DANG...etc etc. Do keep us posted on the repairs. Then when you get it back (duh) play the HELL out of it!
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    Amp Crackling!! HELP

    +1 check your tubes. Also, does it change when you touch/take your fingers off the strings, or the bridge? That could indicate ground loss, maybe in a worn cable or connector. Good luck!
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    Semi-hollow body suggestions?

    I'm in between a 2009 Epi Dot Studio with Gibson 498T and 490R pickups (out of my LP), and a Dillion DR450 with Duncan Alnico II Pros and upgraded electrics. The Dot is a bulky thing for me (mountain dwarf build) so I generally prefer the Dillion. It's very light, and has a nice clean full sound...
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    Crate vintage club owners

    Wow. This is embarrassing. :p Apparently I'd gotten carried away with the spray switch cleaner and lube, and it ran down enough to short across V3, and blow the standby fuse. Easy enough fix to thoroughly re-clean the board, install a new fuse, and rock on. :JAM So far so good. New Groove Tubes...
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    The 'I have more than 3 amps' thread...

    Vox AD120VTH/AD212 Vox AD100VT (dead chassis, used as an ext212 for the 120 head) Vox AD120VT Randall Rockstack Pignose 7-100 Crate Vintage Club 50
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    Crate vintage club owners

    L>R from the xfmrs: top row (farthest from pots) The EL84s: V8(J41),V7(J40),V6(J39),V5(J38); second row, the 12AX7s: V4(J45),V3(J44),V2(J43),V1(J42). V1 is the clear channel preamp. V2/V3 are the 'other' channel pre with V4 its final out to the push pull pairs V8/V7 and V6/V5. I only know...
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    Crate vintage club owners

    What a great group here! I have a '97 VC-5212 I've only recently inherited. I reflowed most of the solder joints, (input jack was loose) cleaned/lubed the pots, (clear volume was -beat-) and installed fresh GT tubes after deox'ing all the sockets. It was working something awesome when all I...