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    Pick pressure and tone

    The lightbulb went off for me about 10 years ago while I was watching a DVD with Peter Erskine in a clinic situation demonstrating gripping a drum stick tightly, resulting in a choked sound vs holding it more loosely to achieve a fuller sound. That led me to conciously / mindfully appling it to...
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    Khruangbin. Good, bad, don't care? Jealous brother maybe?

    Love Khruangbin! Repetitive? A certain amount of repetition is necessary to induce da TRANCE! Mark S is a genius! He's engineered a situation for himself in which he gets to solo all night long in front of crowds of people that normally wouldn't be caught dead at a "guitar" show. Think...
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    What are the essential chord progressions?

    It's kind of arbitrary that you draw the line in the sand at learning chord progressions but are perfectly fine with learning chords in lieu of making them yourself.
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    Quick mastering guide for me that i know almost nothing

    I don't think it'll be very productive for you to ask for a list of mastering "dos & don'ts" on a forum like this. If I were you, I would research mastering. There is plenty of knowledge out there. Maybe start with wikipedia and following the links out to related topics. There are lots of...
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    Focusrite Clarett series vs. Motu M4 - worth a switch from a 2i4?

    I don't know which modeling gear you're using but most gear like that is putting out "instrument level" - a rather nebulous way of indicating something between mic and line level. Most keyboard outputs fall into this range. I can't off the top of my head think of any of this type of gear that...
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    So what’s the secret behind Allan Holdsworth?

    Well I'm sure @Chandlerhimself will gladly issue you a full refund. How much did you pay again?
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    To everyone who mixes tracks with the vocals 8x louder than everything else...

    Music of the 50s & 60s often had the vocals mixed way more up front than in 70s on up to today.
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    EZ Drummer 3 vs. Superior Drummer 3

    What's likely bugging you is that most of the cymbals on recordings that you like have been processed with compression to where the compressor's attack clamps down on the transient, then releases so that the cymbal "blooms". I only have experience with EZD2, which has a "compression" fader on...
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    How are YOU recording guitars direct?

    guitar ---> various pedals (optional) ---> Iridium (optional) ---> El Capistan (optional) ---> 1073 clone ---> 1176 clone with little to no gain reduction ---> interface
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    EZ Drummer 3 on the way!

    RE: the "ghost" note feature that is demostrated in this video - These don't sound like ghost notes but rather quiet, very even 32nd notes. Ghost notes are a function of at least some amount of actual stick bounce, which sounds different. They could emulate the effect by moving each "hit"...
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    Love The One You're With - What's it telling you to do?

    I've got to give him credit for the rather elegant treatment of the word "fisted" that might have well gone quite another way...
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    J Mascis Telecaster * Sparkle Content!

    I played one of these today. I fell totally in love with the neck - nice & chunky, jumbo frets. Cons: Didn't really sound like a Tele. Seems like the pickups are wound to push the mids. The middle position sounded like some kind of strange wiring going on - *huge* volume drop and thinner...
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    Musician's Friend shipping from Guitar Center store stock sucks

    Consumers want to have their cake and eat it too. Nordstrom's started the whole "return anything for any reason for full refund" thing and by the 2000s, it was everywhere. GC and MF have accepted these kinds of returns for a long time. Factor in their super lax "let anyone and everyone beat...
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    Dude...GC Player Series Exclusive.....Dude...Ebony board.....Dude...Matching headstock...Dude....

    When I see a HB in a stock Fender guitar, I run. It's sad really. You'd think they could have got it together in all this time. The only exception is the original HB in the Tele Deluxe / Custom. The new ones are not the same at all. Still, they were definitely their own thing and not something...
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    How were synths recorded on DSotM?

    Another thing to point out giving weight to the VCS3 in particular being direct - listen to "On the Run". The VCS3 "groove" going on sounds like it has a hi-hat running on top but in actuality, it's straight VCS3. There's no way a Twin or other such amplification would leave that high end...
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