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    Have you ever felt guilty buying a guitar ?

    I just ordered a guitar last nite and I haven't worked in a year....irresponsible ??? I think so....yes
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    Another what guitar is best for me thread... Roll your eyes all you want gondemmit, I dun care!

    Just1m how do yiu get these very interested ....are there any US dealers??
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    Your Main Guitar

    I dont have any really expensive guitars but have a few nice ones and I gig with a PRS SE mira mostly because its hold tune perfectly and it weighs just under 6 lbs which is key for me these days...
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    NGD! Gibson Les Paul Special TV Yellow 2020

    OP first Les Paul??? Gibson?? That guitar was made for you sounded great
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    Best bedroom amp in 2021 tone master fail

    If you wanna stay solid state I am having excellent results with a Quilter...I literally run high gain to edge of break up pedals through a clean channel with some verb and its sounds great at lower and some volume...
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    HH superstrats? Torn between Ibanez AZ and Charvel DK24

    oP i only played the premium AZ...liked the neck as was fuller IMO but it seemed to have that import feel to it as it shouldn't for a 1200 dollar guitar...the mexi Charvels feel grest to me...the Prestige version im sure feels very nice though as its MIJ...
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    Should I be concerned?

    Op i have a few USA made PRS but I gigged, at least until the pandemic, with an SE and I beat it up on stage etc...great guitar and played great for what I payed for it used....NOW...if youre thinking of buying a new SE stop there and buy a used S2...the locking tuners and frets are worth the...
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    Those playing with a tunomatic bridge...where are you rrsting your picking hand??

    I recently got a guitar with a tunimatic...on a trem I usually rest my palm on the trem but the tunomatic seems to stick up and inch...any tricks to smooth playing??
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    For those giving private did you build your business and get students??

    I'm a pretty good player with a Degree from UW Madison and GIT after college...wanted to give lessons and share some knowledge but have no idea how to get started ...I live in Long Island NY ...thx for any input!!
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    The pedalboard amps thread [started here because the focus is on POWER AMPs, not effects]

    The new H&K is called to Ampman...looks ok but redundant for what I already have...has black spirit DNA...
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    Put 9's on my Jaguar

    OP whatever keeps you playing, I went down to 9s and one one stiff guitar 8.5s.....I couldnt play em other wise so that was the point....enjoy
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    Your Gear 180s

    Like others have mentioned I went from superstrats some with floyds to gibson and PRS moslty stoptails as I never really used the trem, still digging the HB after all these years but I like a fat sound even on the clean channel I can roll back the volume to thin it out and after playing for 30...
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    Pedal platform guys.....what amps are you using?

    I love the 101r as well. .I wonder if a traditional celestion would s....ound better...i went with the Dz Mark purely for convenience and weight...i sold an Orange 2x12 with v 30s for it but I might grab 2 1z12s down the road as I have a pair of v30s lying around.....
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    Help me out my dear gear buddies... Suhr vs Fender vs Ibanez

    Suhr all day, best neck in the biz IMO