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    Howard Gee Appreciation Thread...

    Howard, well I feel fortunate to call him a friend. My favorites of his are BED , Karma Suture Si and 5f6. All are in line to be on my next bored. Whatever next, I hope it lets him share his talents, musical and circuit with a huge audience.
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    JHS “Haunting Mids” pedal. Nod to TGP? :)

    Damn, you don't even have to leave TGP to find out about the history in the Haunting Mids game
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    Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe

    Oscillation switch is analog as stated in here
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    Faceless FX Jasmine Boost EQ

    just another demo E60Iw2ZOB-g
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    Faceless FX Jasmine Boost EQ

    It is meant to have break as you wind up the gain. I use low gain pickups/amps so have enjoyed the break up there. You can raise the headroom with 18v supply
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    Faceless FX Jasmine Boost EQ

    I didn't see any talk about this gem here. Really a great clean boost, with great range of low gain and powerful tone cotnrol. It is beautiful too. In the name of full disclosure, the builder, Tim Cooper, is a friend. I wouldn't pimp this if it weren't really a fine ped. :beer
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    Guitar Pedal Builder Indian Call Center

    I can wait to be able to hear the difference between leaded and lead free solder
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    Guitar Pedal Builder Indian Call Center

    How long will the hold time be?
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    Variable voltage

    and it is dirty :crazyguy
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    Variable voltage

    I had my DMM out and was curious at what voltage i liked the sound of my Catalinbread DLS. Turns out 15.348V was the sweet spot. Anyone else try something like this?
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    Mallekko Service

    :rotflmao if you have problems with Malekko, you need to look in the mirror
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    Lil Chuckster

    I love it, I just need the $ to get one.
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    SUBDECAY Super Nova Drive/Quasar phaser this might help