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    Best simple way to record an electric guitar's amp. (mic & distance)

    I would add that depending upon the sound you're chasing, try using less distortion when recording than you would use when playing live. And yes, I find a Shure SM57 to be what I usually use when recording. . .Now, I'm going to throw a wrench into the game. . .I used to use several low end mic...
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    Looking for a way to share music tracks

    I'm looking for some advice on the best way to share tracks. I use ProTools HDX. . . the person I want to share and write with uses Logic Pro X. . . How would I be able to send, say a two track drum track, bass track, keyboard track, guitars and/or vocal tracks to him via the internet? And...
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    EZ Drummer/recording/I am about to quit

    If you've got EZ Drummer, you've heard some good ideas. I use it all the time and love it. Of course, it is limited with how many midi loops it comes with, so I've bought several extra midi packs. I use Pro Tools, so here's what I do. . .First, I load EZ Drummer as an instrument track...
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    Drumming Solutions for Home Studio

    Another EZ Drummer user here. . .I've also got a number of the midi packs. . . I just tap out a bass and snare line on the Search tool and it brings up the basic beat I'm looking for. Then, you can drop in the fills or nuances that you want. It really works great.
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    How to record electronic drum kit with 1 or 2 outputs + pan and add effects to each drum afterwards?

    All your drummer needs to record is his performance. . .All the performance needs to capture is his timing and velocity. Those will be provided to midi when he plays. After he has played, you can edit your drums by taking your midi information (track) and assigning something like Superior...
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    How to get a silky smooth vocal sound like in these videos by the band Tempt?

    Here's my thoughts. There's a little bit more to it than just compression. First, they got a good performance. . . You've got to get a good tone and that comes from the performance, choice of microphones and mic pre, along with a little hardware compression while you are recording. Assuming...
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    Recording w/ decent drum sounds as a guitar player?

    Another vote for EZDrummer. You can get the expansion packs for more fills and different styles and beats.
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    Favorite over achiever guitar cab preamp

    I like my Great River mic pre.
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    NSD....(new studio day).

    Very nice! Congratulations on finishing. . .Now, make some hit music!
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    Never heard slide I liked until this. His tone!

    Sonny Landreth pioneered the technique and become famous for it.
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    Best drum program for improved workflow?

    I still use EZ Drummer. . .I also bought about 6 of their expansion midi packages. . .Lot's of drum beats, fills, etc. Also, if you find a basic feel that you can use, then use it. . .Just lay down the basic track. Later, you can come back and add the fills and nuances that you like to make it...
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    Thinking of selling Great River ME1NV and getting a nice LDC

    So, what would you use in the Great River's place?
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    Your favorite technique for getting a big stereo guitar sound from a single track?

    There are some great answers provided by some great resources. . .Use them. Here's something else that I do. . .I record my guitar with less distortion. For some reason, they sound bigger with less grind. Edge of breakup type of sound. Then, take off some of the bottom and low end with an...
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    I dare you - What's the best-sounding amp you've ever played?

    I have an old Matchless DC-30. . .Heavy as a truck. . .don't like hauling it around. . .But, it's first channel is pure bliss. . .A close second would be my Matchless Lighting.
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    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    Very sad. . . One of my favorite guitarists. . .Prayers for his family.
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