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    Black Metal

    I really like Quartermaster Maelstrom.
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    Help me understand Ryan Adams

    This will help http://www.metrolyrics.com/bryan-adams-lyrics.html
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    The Evolution of Technical Guitar Soloing

    When discussing different styles of music - 80's Shred or Midwestern Blues-Rock - Jazz or Jazz fusion seems to always be the "better" alternative to what is being discussed.
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    Clarence Gatemouth Brown

    Key Largo in Portland, OR, in the late 80's. One of the most memorable shows I have seen.
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    EVH Wolfgang USA Custom Relic

    Yes, ironic.
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    EVH Wolfgang USA Custom Relic

    So, you are seriously worried about the fretboard drying out and - I guess - cracking? Or, were you being ironic?
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    If you can't dig this? The only pocket you got is in yo britches.

    Liked it. Reminded me a lot of Soul Jazz that someone posted here a few months back.
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    How do you get a high-gloss from Tru-oil finish?

    Fair enough, if your intent is primarily skill acquisition instead of timely completion or a perfect finish on the early 3-4 tru oil projects. My experience - taken with a huge grain of salt - is to go slow with very light coats. And, look back over each coat each time for any runs or...
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    My band hates the sound guy

    Stop being the sound guy. Easy.
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    When blues benders become music offenders,,

    People do know when they are being condescended to. And, they react. Perhaps your cause and effect is backwards?
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    How do you get a high-gloss from Tru-oil finish?

    Unless you just specifically want the challenge of using the tru oil to get a gloss finish or you want to learn it to do it professionally - I'd highly recommend simply taking it to a finisher and have them shoot clear. Just for the one or 2 off - I found it very difficult to get a good gloss...
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    Modern metal is so depressing... where's the fun?

    Also, the cookie monster sings a lot of these songs. Who isn't cheered up by the cookie monster?
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    Are we really sure that Jescar is the best fretwire available?

    Most scalloping I have is 1/8" or 3 mm from top of fret to bottom of scallop. So I'd like to see frets that tall and could live with just slightly less. Any shorter and they don't reproduce a scalloped feel - you'd get some fretboard when fretting. Allparts makes a giant fret in nickel and -...
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    Modern metal is so depressing... where's the fun?

    Depressing modern metal. I like the up beat classics like Paranoid.
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    What are some ridiculously awesome TV themes?

    NCIS: Los Angeles. How could a theme written by Jay Ferguson not be great?
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