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  1. S3bird

    My Bird is Back

    It was in the shop since June. Combination of miscommunication and new saddles that never came in. Frankly it's been a wall hanger for years but after the fret level/intonation/set up it plays great.
  2. S3bird

    My Bird is Back

    I just got my Firebird back from a much needed set-up. I bought in in 93 a week after graduating from high school. Anyway the frets were leveled and re crowned, trus rod and intonation adjusted. Frigging plays good again. Unfortunately I managed to pull something in my left index finger so she's...
  3. S3bird

    Which of these huge hits from the 90s is your favorite?

    Interstate Love Song was special the first time I heard it. Just so well written and performed. Even people like my parents who weren't 1990's alternative rock fans liked the song :)
  4. S3bird

    Anyone here a fan of rhythm and blues/soul music?

    Before my time but my parents always played oldies (50s-60s) growing up and still listen on XM 60s. So much good R&B (and music in general) from that era
  5. S3bird

    High & Dry released on this day in 1981.

    I was 13 when Hysteria came out and was a huge fan. Got into their back catalog and it just got better. H&D is my favorite of theirs closely followed by Pyromania. Unfortunately they lost me after what had brought me in, Hysteria. Glad they're still around though
  6. S3bird

    Talk me out of buying a Gibson Explorer

    If you can afford it why not. Especially given your story go ahead and do it. Worst case is you sell it down the road. Should hold most of it's value. I've never regretted getting the better version
  7. S3bird

    Strat or Tele?

    I don't think there a wrong choice as they are both iconic for a reason. I find Strats very comfortable to play and can't imagine not having one (currently have a Highway 1 with RW board). One the flip side I've been through 3 Teles and not likely to get another one any time soon.
  8. S3bird

    Any TGPers hear the Beatles live?

    My mom saw them in Chicago, said she couldn't even hear them from all the screaming
  9. S3bird

    Jimmy Page or Pete Townshend?

    I really enjoy both but for different moods/reasons. However since you have to pick one I'll go with Page...at least today
  10. S3bird

    BC Rich is bought by 2 people. A rock star and being rebuilt from the ground up.

    CC is who I thought of first. Those old Poison videos he way playing a different one every 5 seconds LOL In all seriousness I would love to get a Mockingbird someday (hardtail or Floyd).
  11. S3bird

    Bands You Saw Live, Before You Got Into Them?

    I went to a Weezer concert and they had Jimmy Eat world as the first act. However the middle band was called Tenacious D. Had no idea what to expect as two average guys with acoustic guitars came and both my wife and I left as fans.
  12. S3bird

    ONE single song or tune that to this day still makes your eyes well up ?

    This song hit me like the perfect storm. It was still a new song at the time. I had loaded up my Fiero to head to the university. Had a few guitars in the passenger seat and a big Rubbermaid container strapped to the rear deck along with my mountain bike. Anyway I was finally moving out and...
  13. S3bird

    2021 purchase plans

    Thinking of a Gretsch centerblock Jr and a new amp. Possibly a Blues Jr
  14. S3bird

    New Version of HM Strat - Do you think it was a flop for Fender?

    If I found one for the right price and happened to be in an 80s mood I might snatch one. I remember the local shop had a pink one back in the day which at the time I thought was pretty cool. However a used Dinky scratched that 80s Superstrat itch. Thought the new ones are a lot of money...
  15. S3bird

    The 2020 Annual meeting of GASoholics Anonymous - what did you buy this year?

    I bought a used Jackson Dinky Pro and a left over Martin (the sale of my AS Tele was used to partially fund it) Sold/got rid of a few lower end guitars and amps which really felt great.
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