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Recent content by Sam Cannon

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    Axe Fx II Buttery Demo - Seth Rosenbloom

    Very sweet, I've alway played through amps and lately I've been thinking about a Axe FX for the versatility. You sound great, thanks for the share.
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    D'Pergo vs. Lentz vs. DeTemple T-style

    I've owned a lot of guitars but nothing like my D'Pergo Bakersfield. My main axe is a 1964 Strat that rips but I can do things on the D'Pergo I cannot do on my Strat. The neck is so fast and comfortable that it inspires new levels while performing and it sounds incredible. When getting into...
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    Strat and Dumble - bad combination ?

    I use a 1964 Strat with a Jet Sig Anniversary Head through a 4 x 10 cab with 2 Weber Alnico and 2 weber regular speakers (Jensen replacements). I can nail the SRV tones and still get a lot of other tones. I use 6v6 tubes but I don't use the lead channel only the front end of the amp. My Strat...
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    Changing out PRS 5-way Rotary for 3-way Toggle

    Send it to the PRS repair/setup/luthier shop. I sent mine and had them set it up, remove the 5 way nob, install the 3 way switch and fret level it. It plays and sounds like a pro guitar now.
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    PRS Private Stock

    Great posts, thanks guys. I gigged with my old PRS and had a blast tonight with a power trio. I did find myself wishing I had my 1964 Strat in my hands on a couple of solos. The 1:1 ratio is a great analysis of guitars. I guess the posts and my playing tonight answered a lot of questions...
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    PRS Private Stock

    I've seen and played a PRS Private Stock and they are nice but are they as nice as the price tags? I have a 1995 PRS 10 top and it's a great guitar. I wanted to get some feedback on the PS guitars from people who have giged with them.
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    Anyone ship an amp via UPS withOUT problems?

    I've shipped over a hundred pieces and only had one minor problem. I always insure the piece just in case. It's also important to pack correctly.
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    Best Robben Ford Dumble clone ? (Bludotone, Welagen,...)

    I have a Two Rock Kimock with RCA Blackplates and Brimars and with humbuckers it's dead on.
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    5E3 Tweed Deluxe Style Amp with modifications:

    Clarks are great, throw a mic on it and you're ready to go. I don't have the attenuator but they're out there.
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    Tweed Bassman sound and clarity in a smaller, lighter amp?

    I've owned 3 bassman amps and I had the same problem, wanting to downsize and still maintain that great tone of the bassman. I finally ended up with a Clark Deluxe. I retubed it and put in a Celestion Greenback. It's not the same as the bassman because of the physics of the amp but the tone is...
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    2 x 6V6 amp

    I'm playing a Clark Beaufort that is really great, wish it had more headroom. How's the Carr Sportsman?
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    Best amp with a Telecaster (IYHO)

    Clark Tweed Deluxe, Two Rock Kimock
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    Tweed deluxe but bigger?

    I played a gig with "Rhino" aka Kenny Earl playing drums (drummer for Manowar and Holly Hell) in my blues band "BC Blues" in Monterey, Ca. It was a small venue and I used a Louis Electric Deluxe Buster. I love my Clark Deluxe but the LE was incredible and had much more headroom which I loved...
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    Two Rock Studio Pro 22 vs Real 65' DR w/Zendrive?

    I have a few TR's and I can nail the RF sound with my Kimock loaded with RCA Blackplate 6l6 tubes and Brimars. For my Jet Sig I use Phillip's 7581a and Brimar 12ax7 tubes. I also have a Drip Edge DR that Ben Fargen modified for me and it is a killer amp that I use for more of the classic rock...
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    D'Pergo from Donnie B

    Just picked up a killer D'Pergo from Donnie B and what a great guitar! I've never played anything quite like a D'Pergo plus Don did a great job shipping, describing and following up, he's now in my list of best sellers!:aok