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    TGP damage experts to the red phone! ☎️

    Thanks for chiming in Ron. Appreciated.
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    TGP damage experts to the red phone! ☎️

    I think so, yes. Remain interested in assessments of the crack.
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    TGP damage experts to the red phone! ☎️

    Silly cheap. ;)
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    TGP damage experts to the red phone! ☎️

    I'm on the hunt for a cheapie for a friend - got a line a Cort for silly cheap but can't play it first. Seller is clueless - what do we think? Finish crack or something more sinister?
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    Why aren't/weren't Fenders made of Mahogany?

    In the Duchossoir Tele book, he argues that Leo went with ash on the Broadcaster because he was a fan of the "modern" furniture of the day that featured a translucent limed finish over "clear blond hardwood." Also from digging in my books I found a pic of a 1963 Strat with mahogany body (50th...
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    NTD: New Thorn Day!

    Utterly stunning, Thwap!
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    2016 Gibson R9 STD Historic 1959 Les Paul VOS or other R9s

    Wood is wood - luck of the draw. I do however prefer the Burstbuckers and Madagascan rosewood found on earlier historics.
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    No love for SRV strats?

    Stevie "chose" from what was on offer in the late 80's. :) The SRV sig is very much a product of that time - and unique features like Pau Ferro, Texas Specials and XXL jumbos frets are now standard on budget conscious models in the line. A sig reboot based on the Original series could make it...
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    No love for SRV strats?

    Poly finish, Texas Specials and Pau Ferro are features used on moderately priced Fenders in this day and age. IMHO the sig should use the American Original series as a base, and better approximate what SRV actually used.
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    Spot the Species: Rosewood

    If that’s a Fender, I’d wager it’s a pre 2010 CS ‘65 reissue with a nice smooth/oily Madagascan rosewood board.
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    Gibson Les Paul 2012 standard trans Amber

    Likely to have a laminated two piece rosewood fingerboard. You won't hear it, tho it might be worth a little less.
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    New PRS Guitars

    I prefer it the traditional way too. Chris Swope @Guitaronimo specced the Wood Library run of DC22s to have the colour floated over clear. Looks wonderful in the flesh.
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