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Recent content by sampleinajar

  1. sampleinajar

    Paul Reed Smith ....give me a break

    is it just me or does that guitar look more like a Baker B1 than a PRS?
  2. sampleinajar

    Bludotone DK30?

    Thanks so much for the insight. Mind made up !
  3. sampleinajar

    How we made records in the 90's

    Wow. I spent a lot of time listening to many of the records on this list. Nice work and Super impressive man.
  4. sampleinajar

    Bludotone DK30?

    Thanks for the info pheonixvam - does yours clean up like Davey’s when you roll off the guitar volume? He had some otherworldly clean tones happening that night. I did contact Bludotone around the time I started this thread and they said they were going to release the amp, but I don’t think...
  5. sampleinajar

    Come on, Guitar Center!

    Come on man, everyone knows you can’t dust for vomit!
  6. sampleinajar

    40 years ago today.... Back in Black was released.

    Amen brother. This right here.
  7. sampleinajar

    The Theme from "Friends"

    Excellent post man. Made my day. I spend a lot of time doing similar analyses (law and order theme anyone?) so glad I’m not the only one!
  8. sampleinajar

    Why do some guitar teachers HATE Caged?

    Ok, old dude chiming in here after 40 years with this amazing instrument. I taught for several years, played in bands, did the whole thing. I think a lot of people view an approach to learning the guitar as some sort of religion/philosphophy, and that they need to find the ONE path to true...
  9. sampleinajar

    What is your LEAST favorite Led Zepplin song?

    I was thinking the same thing - Are we talking about the right song?
  10. sampleinajar

    The record that hit the biggest because of the producer?

    yeah, I heard those Chipmunk sessions were out of control. Alvin was strung out on coke, and Theodore always had a bunch of groupies at the studio and was more interested in them than making music. Dave the producer held that **** together.
  11. sampleinajar

    Lyric snips that are incredibly powerful

    “Wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then.” Bob Seger Against the Wind
  12. sampleinajar

    Any Zakk Wylde fans have $110k laying around?

    That is a stalker-level collection.
  13. sampleinajar

    E.V.H. Beat it.

    Dann Huff or Mike Landau were quite active at the time and could have been called in if Ed has said no. But he didn’t!
  14. sampleinajar

    John Syke's modded JCM800, I have never heard such a unique amp.

    it always pissed me off that his guitar was mixed so low on that WS album. His playing made that album. And then he was gone. I’m with you on this one, a real head scratcher.
  15. sampleinajar

    If you could only have 1 acoustic guitar?

    This right here. Do it all guitar.