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    Who was/is the best guitar player in Lynyrd Skynyrd?

    My grandmother lived in Jacksonville on the river in the 70s. One time when I was visiting she told me that a rock star had moved in 2 houses down. I would have been about 10 years old or so. I kept walking down and stalking the house to figure out who it was. Turned out it was Allen Collins and...
  2. saneff

    The Ken and Greg Show on the new Reverend GPS!

    WOW. I want! Gil, let me know if you need my address.
  3. saneff

    Advice needed for playing at a wedding...

    Damn. I think we need to do a GoFundMe for this guy so he can afford to have a band play at the reception - that will allow him to get up and play drums for a couple of songs. That way he gets to show off, and it doesn't look so obvious. Plus, the guests will enjoy it. And his new wife won't get...
  4. saneff

    Mike Campbell selling loads of gear on Reverb

    I still didnt see when it starts?
  5. saneff

    Doctors and Lawyers in Well-Known Bands

    My son took one of his classes. His grade was a little “Low”. (i don’t feel good at all about this post.)
  6. saneff

    Bob Dylan sells entire back catalogue for estimated $300 million

    That's not how net worth works.
  7. saneff

    new Greta Van Fleet

    This band gets picked apart here on TGP. Music is art and by definition is subjective.
  8. saneff

    Hard to Handle lead tone???

    I actually own the Marshall cab used by the Crowes during the 90s. I doubt it was using during the recordings like that but who knows.
  9. saneff

    examples of exceptional vocal performances....

    I know Kotzen is already posted in this thread. So I agree with that poster. Just listen to this voice. If I could have ANY voice, I would steal Richie’s.
  10. saneff

    The best of the best of the best lines in songs, EVER

    Edwin McCain - I'll Be The strands in your eyes that color them wonderful stop me, steal my breath
  11. saneff


    I have been on a big Dishwalla kick lately! Love Counting Blue Cars (my band played it), Somewhere in the Middle, Home. All great songs.
  12. saneff

    What's your most controversial Led Zeppelin opinion?

    I mispronounced Zeppelin all through my teens. I thought it was pronounced ZePPELin. I don't know why. I guess I had never heard of a zeppelin by that time. Pathetic. At least pathetic is pronounced paTHETic.
  13. saneff

    The Black Crowes reunion

    I can’t suggest to anyone about what is more creative when it comes to music/art. I can only say which I interpret as more creative.
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