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    Any “Incredible” small small combo recommendations?

    When I think "classy, nice, well built, and pure", I think of the OG Carr Mercury. The original mercury lost some popularity when the Mercury V came out, but I think it remains a great amp, and now can be found at pretty good prices.
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    Are "old" Historics less expensive?

    Many of us are aware that Gibson Historic guitars have gotten annual "upgrades" not unlike automobiles do. Different finishes, hide glue, different pickups, etc. Almost every year for over 20 years. Does this make the earlier (older) Historic guitars less desirable? Should an R9 from 2002...
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    "Best" interface for PC users

    I'm not sure I agree. While I think it is possible to configure a PC to use Thunderbolt, I haven't seen many resources that have it working. I have a new PC with TB headers. Even the MOBO maker (in my case MSI) doesn't want to discuss adding TB. Can you recommend a card that will easily...
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    "Best" interface for PC users

    I've done some more research, and it looks like the UCX II may be a good fit for me. I have an old reverb (M One) that I could plug in with the SPIF, and it looks like I could use my old 2408 to get another 8 ins (maybe outs?) I'm not a fan of inputs on the front, I like to keep things in the...
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    "Best" interface for PC users

    I'm coming from an old rig that used a MOTU 2408 interface. The old machine died, and the 2408 doesn't fit in the new one, so I need a new interface. The two main things I liked about the 2408 was that it had 8 line inputs and was (for the time) a low latency device. When it comes to...
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    Best Marshall for home use? girlfriend content inside

    I think this is the correct answer. The mini stacks satisfy the GF, looks just like a Marshall stack, fits in the living room. If you plug them in, they can deliver pretty Marshally tones. They don't cost the moon. You'll have to look, but they can be found. I have a couple 1 watters, and...
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    R7 advice requested

    I just wanted to pipe in to say the older Historics are very good and worth considering. I don't know if they come at a discount compared to newer ones, but my 01 and 03 Historics are fine guitars.
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    All black Strat?

    I had a friend who had a contemporary Strat, always liked the black headstock. The world is your oyster these days. You can put together whatever you want. I've thought about having something in all black, but you can't have everything. I wanted my SuperStrat to still be a Strat, including...
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    Another speaker question - High wattage G12M 25

    I'm not an expert, but as I understand, the Creamback and the G12-65 are both supposed to be "high power" Greenbacks. I just can't figure out which is best without trying them both.
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    I’m at a computer crossroads…

    I need to get a new computer as well - my current system is almost 5 years old and is starting to loose steam. I found myself considering a Mac for the first time in decades. Two big factors are weighing in. 1. When it comes to music production, the mac has a number of advantages. I...
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    Martin to Taylor…!? A Change of Faith…

    I'm fortunate to have a D28 and a 355. When it came to each - I had my own set of calculations as to what was important/valuable. In the case of the D28, which was to be my "main" acoustic - I was looking for a certain familiar sound. I've had a similar experience with amps - I went through a...
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    Gibson LPC Bridge Question

    This is what I would do. Get them pre slotted if you can - slotting can be tricky.
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    Gibson LPC Bridge Question

    why is an abr 1 with a wire a bad thing? I have several abr1 guitars with a wire...
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    Any big headstock fans?

    When I decided to put together a Floyd Rose partscaster, I thought that the big headstock somehow "balances" the look of the guitar with the Floyd on it. It's a MIM, and a great player.
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    Univibe clones?

    A used Deja Vibe is where I would start.
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