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Recent content by scottlr

  1. scottlr

    Guitar you first really wanted when growing up

    Lennon's first RIC 325 caught my eye at age 8. I didn't start playing until age 12. I never ever saw one in any store locally, but I found a 330 and it seemed close enough at the time. I finally bought one in the early 2000s, and for me, all I could manage to get out of it was Beatles songs. I...
  2. scottlr

    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    A HUGE loss! I don't know what to say! :(
  3. scottlr

    If you could spend 5 minutes playing a famous player's guitar which one would it be?

    George Harrison's RIC 360/12 would be a fun 5 minutes for me.
  4. scottlr

    If you're in a cover band and not using a modeler...

    I played in a cover band full time for years. My gear was: G&L Skyhawk Fender Strat Randall RG60 MXR Flanger DOD Analog Delay EHX Micro-Synth Reverb on amp Mostly the pedals were for my satisfaction, because nobody in the crowd knew if I used them or not. I needed delay, something that did the...
  5. scottlr

    John Mayor is on par with John Linen

    :spit Yeah, him and Paul McCarthy.
  6. scottlr

    Jam on Fusion style

    Very nice!
  7. scottlr

    Please, I hate this site/

    You'll fit right in
  8. scottlr

    Def Leppard High n dry tone!

    Agreed, especially on the gain. When you listen to all those great old Marshall sounds, most all of them are way cleaner than most players try to copy them.
  9. scottlr

    Why do people like Fender Guitars?

    I started with RICs in 1967, then moved to Gibsons. I didn't warm up to Strats until the 80s, then 10 years later, my first Tele. I still love and own all of them, but unless I have a distinct urge, I grab this one Tele before trying any of the others for the same job.
  10. scottlr

    Any artistes who can offer some advice on drawing guitars?

    A ruler would help for both strings and frets, and you only have 18 frets, double-dotted at the 10th. Ruler on pups & neck, too. :D
  11. scottlr

    Happy Birthday, Ringo!

    Oh, is he that as well? ;)
  12. scottlr

    Happy Birthday, Ringo!

    80 Years old today!
  13. scottlr

    RIP Charlie Daniels

    R.I.P. Charlie
  14. scottlr

    Not Gibson/Fender/PRS…what is your favorite guitar?

    RIC, Guild, G&L if I have to choose not one of OPs exclusions.
  15. scottlr

    When men were men and real musicians walked this land

    OP, he was probably using a tone bender or a fuzz face. Also possible it was the built-in fuzz on the Kustom amps. Boomer here. Simmer down, Milli.