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    What's the big deal about Bogner?

    Bogner, super stiff? You sure you played a Bogner? Every one I've played is anything but.
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    Alice in Chains tones on latest tour?

    You'd have to ask the man himself.
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    Alice in Chains tones on latest tour?

    Last I heard it was two Marshas. Before that was a Marsha/20th Shiva, but that rig didn't last long.
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    Price Check: Bogner Ecstacy 101B Used

    Must be some glaring condition issues. Usually the 101b heads sell for a little more than 2k...if it has the class a/ab switch, it can go up a bit more. If the deal is for the Bogner 4x12 and should probably cost around $2800 give or take.
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    Bogner Shiva 20th Tube swap - whats best?

    The only problem with that is you'd be underpowering the amp, unless you change the transformer out as well. I have one on the way that is loaded with Winged C 6550' should try those out...I've heard nothing but good things about these tubes in this amp, even from diehard EL34 users.
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    Bogner Shiva, will it do modern rock?

    Jerry used an EL34 Shiva for almost the entire Degradation Trip recordings. That being said, if you want the best Shiva, I'd go with the 20th Ann. model. It cuts better and is more open sounding than the old Shivas. It also has more gain to get you into modern territory.
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    XTC Classic on the way... questions?

    Man, you got a great deal and you can cover so much ground with that amp. I have the 20th XTC and it's insane how versatile it is. As someone else mentioned, the XTC Classic will really shine as you open it up, although the master volume is very good and sounds great at low volumes, too.
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    XTC Classic on the way... questions?

    It'll be closer to a Marshall, but will still have it's own very unique footprint. It's more open than the 101b and tighter with a nicer clean. It doesn't have as much gain (hey who really needs all of it anyway), but it does have more bite which I like. Compared to the Shiva, it will be a...
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    PT 100 vs. Bogner Ecstasy

    For me the 20th Ann. Ecstasy is the best amp I've heard or played. It is actually easy to dial in and the switches are much more effective, whereas the 101b took some serious tweaking. It has more of a Marshall bite than other Ecstasy's and is tighter and more open sounding. If I had to choose...
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    Bogner Shiva EL34 older or newer?

    The 20th Shiva is a killer amp. I wanna get one eventually and I have the 20th XTC and Twin Jet. $2300 with the cab is a great price.
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    Bogner Shiva EL34 older or newer?

    Get a new with 34's if you want versatility and a more open Shiva. Get an older one if you like more of a compressed and darker tone.
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    Advice regarding Bogner 20th XTC/Matchless Independence/ Mesa Stiletto

    Well the 20th XTC is different than a 101b for example. It is more in your face if you want it to be.
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    L.A. Amp Show

    Could you tell us what your thoughts were on the amps?
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    Cabs on the Bogner ecstacy.

    V30/H30 in my Bogner 4x12 works great for me. Interested in trying the vaunted Scumback M75/H75 combo someday...anybody using these speakers with their XTC?