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    65' Deluxe reverb reissue Drri hum problem V4?

    Try unplugging the foot switch.
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    New boutique amp has less than 20 hours and is failing I was told this ...

    After reading this thread, there is less than a 2% chance i will ever buy a milkman amp.
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    Morgan Amps Nightmare

    I think you better end that long term deal.
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    New at NAMM the GoGo Horizon Pedal Tuner

    Billy you have made lots of people not give a **** about this tuner. Good job.
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    6L6 tubes vs. 5881??

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    Most reliable guitar under $1000?

    Reverend guitars!
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    No Drums in Bluegrass?,121
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    Best Speaker for Deluxe Reverb?

    Swamp Thang for max headroom
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    Hello from Maryland

    What's up Ryan
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    I'd try to get banned purposely...

    I think we found 2 good examples of who doesn't qualify as real people and musicians.
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    Earbuds : Recommend a pair for laptop computer listening

    He needs to stop buying cheap ones that break,,bru
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    Earbuds : Recommend a pair for laptop computer listening
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    Best currently produced 12ax7

    I absolutely have to have gold pin tubes in my amps, they sound so much better than non gold pin. I had a whole drawer full of old GE and RCA tubes that were useless to me, that is until i painted the pins gold. Now i can really hear my amp come to life like never before.
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