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    Tuttle Owners

    I have a Tuttle Tuned S and a Tuned T that I picked up last year, after having played a number of his guitars at Soundpure a few years ago and being completely floored. Amazing guitars that just sing up and down the neck.
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    3rd Power Hybridmaster - as effective as a Power Station?

    I recently purchased a 2021 Dirty Sink head/cab. Unbelievable feel and tone at bedroom volumes. I'm taking it to play with a drummer today to crank it up!
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    Sold Alessandro Working Dog Rottweiler 1x12 - Pending

    I am having a mid-life reality check situation and realize I need to downsize my collection a bit. I am regretfully selling a stellar sounding Alessandro Working Dog Rottweiler 1x12. One of the best values in point-to-point handwired tube amps ever made. If you don't know Alessandro, check out...
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    Sold PRS (Paul Reed Smith) CE24 - 1991

    What's the neck carve on this one?
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    Both humbuckers in my Les Paul are the same resistance.

    Is your middle position setting incredibly awesome and bluesy?
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    Any options other than 65 Amps London, Matchless Lightning, Bad Cat Cub?

    What Slevin said. I personally love the Focused/Spectrum models: it's like getting a Lightning and Spitfire in one. Or something like that. Both modes rock.
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    Bumbox appreciation!

    1-watt 1482?? that is too cool. What is this guy not making amps anymore?
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    Bumbox appreciation!

    Resurrecting this thread because I just got a Bumbox Origin and I think I'm in love.... what a cool cool amp! tons of personality, retro sound, but tight bass, warm highs, plenty of punch, sounds huge for its 9 watts! Who else owns the other 3 Origins that are reported to exist? Any TGP'ers?
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    Sold 2014 Gibson Memphis 1959 ES-330 VOS

    this is a great deal
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    1963 ES-330 Opportunity...Good deal?

    But not a skinny neck like a mid-late 60's gibson, right?
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    Sold 2012 Gibson '59 RI ES-330

    Wow! Somebody steal this...
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    1963 ES-330 Opportunity...Good deal?

    seems like a really great deal if it has no issues!
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