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    Mike Campbell Reverb Sales.

    The blue Nash Tele sold quickly. Within the first 5 minutes of the shop going live. If you click ‘Filter’ while on the MC Reverb shop, click the box that says ”Sold Listings” or “Completed Listings” and you’ll see everything. There were upwards of 90 items. I remember that blue Tele on Woman...
  2. seltaeb

    Sold Keeley 30ms $140

    Very nice pedal! Love mine.
  3. seltaeb

    Is Marty Stuart playing thru a Deluxe Reverb here?

    “Whole Lotta Highway (A Million Miles To Go)” from Marty’s 2017 album produced by Mike Campbell.
  4. seltaeb

    Jacksnax: Baby Elephant Walk

    Excellent! Thank you very much for sharing, and even more so for recording a lesson! This is great stuff.
  5. seltaeb

    Sold 2018 Gibson SG Custom

    Very cool color combo with that gold hardware.
  6. seltaeb

    Sold Epiphone USA John Lennon Casino 946/1965 (Gibson Custom Shop made) Revolution/Natural

    I love the feel of the neck on these! I’m lucky to have the ‘65 sunburst model, but want to add one of these one day. Great guitars.
  7. seltaeb

    The 5 watt world guy!

    Poor take... :p Casino Guitars YouTube channel is the best thing to happen to America during Covid. Pfizer and Moderna vaccine would be second.
  8. seltaeb

    The 5 watt world guy!

    I don't know much about him, but really appreciate his videos. He's got some great overview videos of different guitar models, such as the Jazzmaster, etc. Very cool.
  9. seltaeb

    Sold Martin OMJM — SOLD

    Happy Friday!
  10. seltaeb

    Sold Martin OMJM — SOLD

  11. seltaeb

    How long does it take for you to get over a ding on your guitar?

    I’ll let you know when I do.
  12. seltaeb

    Sold Martin OMJM — SOLD

    Happy President's Day
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