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Recent content by semi-hollowbody

  1. semi-hollowbody

    Guitar collections!!

    I would spend ALL my time stringing and adjusting LOL love the rics though want one so bad
  2. semi-hollowbody

    Are there any essential books for learning how to solo better?

    PICK YOUR FAVORITE SOLOIST learn their solos that is how your style forms
  3. semi-hollowbody

    How to remove Gotoh bridge mounting bushings / studs / inserts?

    Ive seen peeps add a bit of water to wood in hole right before tapping in new bushing...apparently this slightly expands the wood and helps with a tight fit...
  4. semi-hollowbody

    Worst guitar product you remember buying?

    my entire first rig crate fxt amps...digitech rp series...then digitech pedals epiphone (great guitar) with stock pups (horrible)...swapped them and then was golden
  5. semi-hollowbody

    Can we talk about Aerosmith?

    I loved everything up to Done With Mirrors... Permanent Vacation on was a different MEH band for me
  6. semi-hollowbody

    Harley Benton Headless Guitar

    hate the look a groovy headstock for me is a large part of the sexiness and beauty of a guitar...visually speaking of course
  7. semi-hollowbody

    Kiesel Sends Cease & Desist to Harley Benton

    ugly headstock my god why
  8. semi-hollowbody

    What Happens To The Guitars If Guitar Center Goes Under?

    A Virtual door is opened into the Mobius Continium They are thrown in there to float forever among all the missing socks and Tupperware lids...and Menudo
  9. semi-hollowbody

    What kind of guitarist are you?

    have been semi retired for almost 2 years due to carpal tunnel and psoriatic arthritis now...2 surgeries and countless attempts at medicating, ive finally got most of my fingers back to 88%... so its about to be back to being a basement warrior
  10. semi-hollowbody

    Confession time: songs that most people like and you're like 'meh'...

    comfortably numb bohemian rhapsody ...and I quote...everybody..."how the heck can u not like bohemian rhapsody"
  11. semi-hollowbody

    Do You Consider a Slow Guitarist Good?

    its all about the notes you don't play...speed is not for me...listening or playing
  12. semi-hollowbody

    Best minimilast pedalboard for classic rock?

    wah compressor od dist fuzz phaser delay
  13. semi-hollowbody

    How many drive pedals do you cart around on your board?

    basement board...never ever carted anywhere barber ltd sr barber tone pump or wampler paisley drive wampler plexistortion barber direct drive vs jeckyll hyde Bogner red wampler soverign wampler triplewreck mi audio crunch box or barber dirty bomb or eh metal muff I have a barber trifecta and eh...
  14. semi-hollowbody

    Does anyone really use an extension cab with their 1x12 combos?

    1x12 lopoline ext cab with my drri drri has weber speaker lopoline has he Jensen that came with drri works for me
  15. semi-hollowbody

    Solid state replacements for vacuum tubes?

    lmao for the record I have a couple ss amps and they sound great...transistors have come a long way lol however my ss amps are heavy as hell so who knows