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    Which female artist would you collaborate with? (No objectifying welcome here…)

    I would love to collaborate and make music with Natalie Merchant.
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    Out of my element, but why not?

    Nicely done hero, good show!
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    The Pixar movie _SOUL_

    Loved it!
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    Tony Rice RIP

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    Cool to play Dead songs at bar gigs?

    Yes, approved!
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    What's your favorite James Bond 007 theme song?

    I believe this was Louis Armstrong’s final recording before he died, one of my favorites.
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    Could it be a trend? Many guitarists have many been changing to lighter strings

    I’ve been bending steel with my bare hands and using 10’s for many years, for the tone ... and durability (they don’t break as often) *shrug*. However, I ordered some 9s and will give them a try.
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    I don't get Grateful Dead. Really.

    Ha ha, well Jerry still had 10 fingers ... one was just a little shorter than the others : )
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    My Debut EP - "Together Alone" (Beatlesy/Neil Young/Wilco/power pop jam?!!)

    Sounds good, congrats on the release and being productive in the COVID lockdown!
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    Uli John Roth

    Indeed. Sails of Charon was ahead of its time and ultimately inspired and launched a fleet of shred ships. Both of the Schenker brothers were big early inspirations and influences on me. I don’t think anyone has got more songwriting mileage out of the Dm chord than Rudolph lol. Matthias Jabs is...
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    My NEW ALBUM w Holdsworth and Henderson band mates

    Wow, sounds great!
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    I don't get Grateful Dead. Really.

    Indeed, they toured and jammed together. Duane was quoted as saying “I love the Dead. As far as Jerry Garcia, Jerry Garcia could walk on water. He could do anything any man could ever do. He's a prince.”
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    How Hybrid Picking Fluent are you?

    Just ok I reckon, I’m competent fingerstyle or with just a pick ... but full on hybrid picking is limited and a work in progress. There are certain things that I can just only do with a pick.
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    Post a happy song!

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    Post a happy song!