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    Trust and Greed....dealing with a vintage piece

    No dealer with half a brain is going to let someone who is not a known expert (sorry, but I am pretty sure the OP is not a vintage “expert”-Heritage Guitars, perhaps he’s more well-versed than most on those) take a guitar like that out of the shop. The piece of paper is a joke. Completely...
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    Let’s see your USA Hamers!

    Pass. That's more than those sold for new.
  3. serial

    Post a really good picture of one of your guitars .....

    This is my favorite shot from the photo session I did for my Hamer book cover. Pre-edited image, of course.
  4. serial

    thoughts on Firebirds

    LOVE Reverse Birds. Have a Historic FB1 and FB III. They hang fine if you use the strap button at the neck heel as opposed to the bass horn. Sound and play great-complete fretboard access and mine have big fat necks. Banjo tuners look cool, but the Steinbergers are MUCH better tuners-I have a...
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    NGD-80s Schecter PT content

    Agreed that the new ones are not bad-much better than many of the later TX ones when things got dicey and the USA ones are quite good. Still, I have yet to play one that is the equal of the 84/85s I've had or have now. Considering the price of the new USA ones, I would pass though.
  6. serial

    Les Paul Value Estimate

    $1000 foran unbroken body/neck any day of the week.
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    NGD-80s Schecter PT content

    To date it between84-86, if it's a VN neck, it should have a brand on the heel. If it's a TX before mid-1985, it should have dates and inspectors' names. The earlier TX stuff can be SO good.
  8. serial

    Let’s see your USA Hamers!

    Depending on condition, if it has boomers, $1k and up.
  9. serial

    Let’s see your USA Hamers!

    Just the yellow '97. I've owned a few dozen original four digits-they're still my favorite guitars.
  10. serial

    NGD-80s Schecter PT content

    If yours is an 85, it's a late one when they started going to all-imported MIJ parts. The giveaway is the differently-shaped upper bass bout and the 22-fret neck. Ive owned three of the 84/85 early TX Schecters with 21 frets and two were among the most perfect guitars I've ever owned among...
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    I just bought a custom shop holoflake Guild Bulesbird!

    I bought the OP's Holoflake Guild (actually traded an amp for it) and it immediately became my #1 gig and recording guitar for the next five years. An absolutely spectacular guitar that got tons of compliments both from sound and looks. To rise to the top of a stable of 45-50 high-end and...
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    Let’s see your USA Hamers!

    My current favorite: Some old friends:
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    Guitars you own, that you haven't played this past year.....

    -1965 Fender Jazzmaster -1978 Fender Strat (lefty) -1978 Fender Telecaster Custom -1999 Gibson Historic FB1 -2007 Gibson Historic FB III -2007 Gibson Historic SG/LP Std -1997 Hamer USA Standard -2003 Hamer USA Vector -2005 GMP Roxie Bass -2002 Hamer B08M -1984 Hamer Prototype XII -2011 Gretsch...
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    Any Vintage Ibanez Aficionados in the House? (NGD)

    Fantastic score-the set necks are rare indeed. As for production numbers, they are often low-I had a three-coil Iceman that was like one of 40 or so (I forget the number).
  15. serial

    NGD Shishkov Build Pics Included

    #0001 and #0003
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