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    TC PlethoraX5

    i don't believe headphones are an option, but it's not really what the pedal is for anyways - there's no amp/drives anyways so a headphone out would probably not sound great
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    Mr. Black - Tapex-2

    One of my all-time favorite delays, will never leave my board
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    Walrus Audio Mako Series: D1 High-Fidelity Stereo Delay

    Confused, why is that an issue? Can't you just turn it on?
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    Which Memory Man Pedal and Why?

    fwiw, selling my mint XO w/ box and power supply for pretty cheap - DM if interested
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    Boss 200 series, the new stomboxes?

    I'll probably pick up the DD-200 and EQ at some point, dig these!
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    What Drive Pedals Play Well w/ the Benson Preamp?

    I recently fell in love with the Benson preamp and it's now a main part of my board but I'm having a hard time finding pedals that jive well with its sound - I've tried a few screamers, MiABs, etc. I'm basically looking for something big and clear to boost it - what are you all liking...
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    TPS Ed O'Brien Episode

    Best episode yet
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    J Mascis Jazzmaster - Replacement Neck

    Hey everyone, Hoping I can get some info, haven't found much "concrete" stuff out there - I have a J mascis that I love, love, love - replaced all the pickups with Lollars and upgraded the parts. The neck though is an area I'd like to upgrade to something that's nicely relic'd and worn (but not...
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    Benson Preamp - What pedal to boost it?

    Cool, thanks for the suggestions!
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    Benson Preamp - What pedal to boost it?

    Recently got a Benson Preamp and holy lord do I love it - seriously digging it so far. My rig is pretty simple; Jazzmaster into Fender Blackface amps (vintage bassman, 65 DRRI) I want to use the Benson at about mid-gain and find a pedal that's good to put before it to boost it into "gainier"...
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    Cool stuff! I had a royal jelly for awhile, build quality and style is outstanding - amazing tones too