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    FS Kingtone Duellist - SOLD

    Like new, no Velcro. Comes with box and everything. Version 2. $365 shipped
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    Helix Floor with external overdrives???

    Thanks guys. I think that the left side of the Duelist is very Timmy-like and the right side is pretty darn close to the KOT in Helix. There is a bit more low end in the Duelist, but I’m finding that it’s easier to match levels of the overdrives in Helix. I’ve got them sounding pretty close...
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    Helix Floor with external overdrives???

    So, yes, I know that this can be done, and it can sound immense. However, is it very practical? I just bought a Duellist and I am in love with it. I have it sitting before Helix Floor, and I’ve considered selling Helix and downsizing to a Stomp. However, by the time I get a Stomp and most of...
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    Timmy alternative for an “always on” push

    I agree for that specific style of overdrive, but it still sucked a lot of low end out of my sound and added the mid hump. It was great, but I didn’t like it for an always on low gain sound.
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    Routing Question - Suhr Reactive Load IR with Studio Monitors

    I have a routing question... What is the best way to run the single DI out from the Suhr Reactive Load IR (or any load box) into powered studio monitors?
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    List the modeling devices you've owned in the last few years? What do you have now? What's next?

    I've owned several iterations of Helix, and now own the Floor. I have also tried the Atomic stuff. I'd love to try a Kemper, but I just don't have the energy to learn something else right now. For me, I prefer a best of both worlds approach by using a small pedal sized unit like Stomp with...
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    Buy a Duelist and add to Helix, or just downsize to the Stomp?

    I got the Duellist in, and it is amazing. Don't get me wrong, I think that my usual setup in Helix of Teemah into Tone Sovereign sounds great, but there is a noticeable amount more low end, clarity and smoothness in the Duellist. I don't know if it is just that it is a sound I like better, or...
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    2021 purchase plans

    My 2021 goal is to NOT buy any guitars. I did buy a Kingtone Duellist pedal, and I really like it, so I may go down the path of selling Helix and go back to a traditional pedalboard setup with an HX Stomp for modeling. Ultimately, I can't have a re-hash of 2020...I'll go broke.
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    Timmy alternative for an “always on” push

    Had the EP, but it didn’t give much edge. Just seems to make my sound louder. The Klon is too mid heavy IMO, or at least the Tumnus was.
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    Timmy alternative for an “always on” push

    I’ve been using a Timmy for years, but I am curious what else is out there. I love the transparency of the Timmy, and I use it for just a touch of that special something on my cleans. Typically I have just enough drive to make it just a touch edgy. What is out there that is similar?