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  1. sharbono

    Well I just bought Billy Corgan's Chicago Parachute rack

    I did. It is insanely cool!
  2. sharbono

    Which foot do you use for WAH?

    left handed, right foot.
  3. sharbono

    Cooper fx will no longer be making any more pedals

    He and Joel teamed up. Praise be.
  4. sharbono

    WTB Cooper FX Signal Path Selector

    If it isn't your thing and you want to sell, hit me up. I'll buy it.
  5. sharbono

    Robert DeLeo (STP) Bass

    I think they're made by Bruce Nelson.
  6. sharbono

    Well I just bought Billy Corgan's Chicago Parachute rack

    I just bought a brand new Tycobrahe Parapedal RP2-RU from Kurt at Chicago Iron last week. I just cold e-mailed him and he had them in stock and got right back to me. Have you checked in with him? info@chicagoiron.com If we won't sell you one, I hope he will at least give you the pin-out of the...
  7. sharbono

    Fave DI for bass? Live & Studio

    Noble has definitely become the industry standard. https://nobleamps.com/preamps/
  8. sharbono

    More Midi Devices than Midi Channels

    Hi. What do you all do when you have more Midi Devices than Midi Channels? I'm working on a build that has several CAE audio controllers, old rack gear, and new midi-able pedals. I'm just over 16 devices and worried that there is bound to be a conflict. Any workarounds? I didn't see a post on...
  9. sharbono

    Sold Lollar Jazzmaster Pickups

    PMs up to date. Still available!
  10. sharbono

    Sold Boss DM-2w

    PMs up to date. Still available!
  11. sharbono

    Sold Boss DM-2w

    PMs Replied. Thank you!
  12. sharbono

    Sold Lollar Jazzmaster Pickups

    PM's Replied
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