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    Fractal's NEW "Quantum(TM)" tube modeling technology

    But it isn't an exact copy of the amp. Its a pretty damn good copy of a rig in a specific state. To say that it's the exact same as the amp implies that if you twist the knobs on the KPA that it is going to change the sound exactly the same way that the amp that it profiled would. This has...
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    Fractal's NEW "Quantum(TM)" tube modeling technology

    I couldn't possibly care any less what any one else uses. I never got that. I've owned and tried a ton of stuff out there over the years and liked a lot of it, been frustrated by a lot of it and the AxeFX stuff has been my go to rig since 2009 starting with the Ultra. I'm not going to say...
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    Fractal's NEW "Quantum(TM)" tube modeling technology

    You know if FAS wasn't pumping out firmware releases and updates like they were going out of style for the last few years I would think that would be a valid point. The AxeFXII and POD HD came out about the same time. I have 69 firmware updates in my firmware folder and I missed about 20 of...
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    Kemper " Methodology vs Axe " Methodology " ..... I just realized something really obvious ..

    The difference between the two is basically that with one you have to have the actual amp that is to be replicated, dial it in, mic it to get exactly what you want or hope that someone else shares a profile that is done for you. With the other you choose from around 200 amp models that are...
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    What does every device have to do everything?

    So you're basically talking about quality over quantity. I couldn't agree more about that. Who cares if something does a million things if it doesn't do any of them great.
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    Low End Audio Interfaces

    I've owned a lot of stuff over the years and for the money Focusrite is just impossible to beat IMO. Solid drivers, really, really good preamps and they just work great.
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    Semi Broken Up Brit 800 G3 FW18 Mark Day

    Yeah, Mark's pretty good at making my patches sound like I'm playing jazz....but he makes it work. :)
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    AFX guys--are you as underwhelmed with "Tone Matching" as I am?

    Gilks hit like ten nails right on the head in his post.
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    I think I just fell in love with Reamping

    I like it because I have recorded far too many guitar tracks in the past that just don't sit in the mix later on. I can take the dry guitar and create an entirely different patch that sits in the mix better without having to sit there and try to do it while I am playing.
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    Any of you went digital because you just like too much different stuff?

    I personally went digital many, many years ago beginning with a cheap Yamaha box and then upgrading to the original VG-8 rig. Reason? Because I had a roommate for a while and I have always been very self conscious about my playing (to the point that I don't enjoy playing in front of others)...
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    My HS80Ms are too big for my desk

    You could try mounting them to the wall.
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    TAF - TopHAT Spongey clip

    The Amp Factory. He does profiles and impulse responses (very good ones at that).
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    Dumb question #37, why do volume pedals on my KPA, not suck tone?

    Unfortunately for me it's my playing that has suck. Tone's great.
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    Peavey Revalver 4 to release "very soon"

    It's not an amp modeler. A modeler mimics the circuitry from beginning to end (with varying degrees of success obviously) to create the sound where as the KPA is a profiler which takes the input signal and imparts the final result of the amp that it's profiled onto/into the guitar signal. The...
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    Aren't you tired of waiting for ReValver 4?

    I was using ReValver back in the early days when it was Alien Connections. Michael is a great guy, but ever since Peavey bought them the releases have been a bit on the slow side.....and that's being as nice as humanly possible to put it. Before Peavey bought them I was a beta tester and the...
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