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    Fender Super Champ (Rivera era) head cabinet makers...?

    Petersen Custom Cabinets. Matt made me a great head cab for the same amp. He's a great trustworthy guy who does excellent work.
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    Yet another scam from this1smyne

    I had a negative experience here with him back in July 0f 2011. I think he's just not good at running a business, and relies on organized religion, or the "ministry" to give him credibility. I did get my pedal returned and money refunded. However, it took over three months, and a post in the...
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    Top Hat owners?

    I've got a first generation Super Deluxe 2x12 combo, and it's the only amp I've kept over the years. My favorite, and I've had my share. Love it with 6V6's! Top Hat amps always seemed highly overlooked in general.
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    Show Your Pedalboard Thread #40-49 And Following

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    Petersen Cabinets Praise! Super Champ head conversion

    Thanks. Your shot made me put the original knobs back on!
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    Petersen Cabinets Praise! Super Champ head conversion

    Long overdue. I had Matt build me a killer 2x12 cab, and then he rehoused my Fender Super Champ into a head. I found a piece of flamed redwood and sent everything to him. This is not the best picture, but it turned out gorgeous! He is great to deal with. Excellent communication, craftsmanship...
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    Reverse Delay pedal

    EH SMMH! The reverse delay is the only reason it's on my board.
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    Which Cabinet Company?

    I recently had Petersen Cabinets build me a 2x12 cab, and it is beautiful. I love it, and Matt is amazing to work with. Excellent quality and great communication. He's now building me a head enclosure for my old Super Champ.
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    Small JCM800 Head?

    I used to have a Marshall 2553 that was a smaller head box. I wish I still had that particular one...
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    Any of you gig with two small amps?

    I used to do a dual mono thing with a Stangray and a Super Deluxe. Both 1x12's. It sounded beautiful. I've since gone back to one amp, but I love playing two amps at home in stereo!
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    Petersen Custom Cabinets "A few Custom Builds"

    That's my 2x12 and I can't wait to load her up!
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    Anyone mixed G12H30 and Cannabis Rex speakers?

    I love both speakers, but not really that much together. I tried it for a gig, but then put the v30 back with the G12H30. Better for me. I like the C-rex in 1x12 combos a whole bunch though. Especially, brighter amps.
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    "Pick Dynamic" Amp recommendations?

    Thanks for all the input guys! I will keep researching. Any more recommendations are appreciated.
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    "Pick Dynamic" Amp recommendations?

    Thanks! I'll check it out, but I think it may be too loud for me as well. I do use my volume knob, but probably not near as much as most folks here...
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    "Pick Dynamic" Amp recommendations?

    I've never been much of guitar volume knob guy in terms of going from dirt to clean by rolling the knob. I am more at home having it dimed and control my clean/dirt by how hard or soft I play. I do use a pedal for leads, but prefer no dirt pedal for any rhythm tones. My Top Hat Super Deluxe does...