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  1. shock me

    Heritage Custom Core line…all that and a bag of chips

    I'm curious. What was it marked down to?
  2. shock me

    Used gear: Jackson US Select SL2H?

    I recently picked up a used SL1. HSS vs HH in the SL2. Phenomenal guitars. Jumbo non stainless steel frets.
  3. shock me

    Jackson PC1 with Titanium "upgrades"

    I've been wanting a PC1 for a long time. The neck is amazing! I should have bought one years ago now that new prices are mid $4k. I came across a used 2012 that has titanium "upgrades." See pics. It's in excellent shape and babied. I would not be able to play on it before purchase as it is out...
  4. shock me

    Guitarampsusa.com or Ceriatone? Update. Just placed an order.

    I just placed an order with Nik at Ceriatone for a KK 100 but it is not stock. I'm looking at 8 months or so. You do not pay in full upfront. He asks for 3 payments.
  5. shock me

    Ceriatone King Kong

    Nik asked me if I wanted a negative feedback control option on my build. +$25. Do I need it? Is it a must have? What will it do? I'm going with a KK100, buffered loop with level control, channel 1 leaning more towards plexi, channel 2 is a Chupacabra.
  6. shock me

    Ceriatone King Kong

    I've been debating between the KK and the Chupacabra. Channel 2 on the KK leans towards the tone of Yeti and after emails with Nik, he told me he could voice a KK towards a Chupacabra if I preferred that. I think a KK voiced closer to a Chupacabra would be a great build. The buffered loop...
  7. shock me

    Fryette Deliverance 60/120 Series II

    It was physically damaged. I did plug it in and test it out. F'ing LOUD at 9 o'clock. Definitely needs a PS. Talk about an in your face amp! Crushing, tight, mean, articulate, and then beautiful cleans on top of it.
  8. shock me

    Fryette Deliverance 60/120 Series II

    Unfortunately it arrived today damaged. What do you expect from MF and UPS! Plus the footswitch was missing. According to Fryette, the switch is included. It's going back.
  9. shock me

    Amps you regret selling

    VHT/Fryette Deliverance 120 Soldano HotRod 50
  10. shock me

    Fryette Deliverance 60/120 Series II

    A D60 Series II is on the way! It should be in my hands by Friday. I think it will fit in well with my Jubilee 2555x and Mesa Mark IVa.
  11. shock me

    Fryette Deliverance 60/120 Series II

    Anyone else want to comment on the Series II? Can you use it as a 2 channel amp with the Less/More being footswitchable?
  12. shock me

    Fryette Deliverance 60/120 Series II

    The new D60 Series II is on my list. I had a VHT D120 about 12 years ago that I stupidly sold. Is the master volume on the Series II still go from whisper level to wall rattling before 8-9 o'clock at the slightest touch?
  13. shock me

    The most immediate instant DISAPPOINTMENT with a new amp purchase ?

    Bogner Helios. The loop took the MOJO from what would have been a stellar sounding amp.
  14. shock me

    What happened to Steve Clark's guitars?

    He covers up with that killer looking Jackson Destroyer!
  15. shock me

    Gibson's frets got smaller!

    It's not just you! I am in the market for an explorer. The natural antique explorer I played on had small frets. Left the store highly disappointed. Back in the 90's I had a Gibson RI '76 Explorer. No small frets on that one. Gibson prices go up but fret size goes down.
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