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    New Boss Nextone Special

    I also have Fuzz Guy's patch on my Nextone Stage. I recently got the Special, and manually input his settings thru the new Special editor. There are differences between the Stage/Artist editor and the Special editor. I'd be interested to know how/if you compensated for the differences. For...
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    BOSS Nextone Amplifier

    Yeah, use Fuzz Guy's Classic Tubes patch. So much versatility in one patch. Shows what this amp can do!
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    New Amp! IronHorse Heritage 1x12 35W Combo - Demo and Review

    Hi Gary, I'm thinking of getting a small blackface- type of amp ( for at home and country gigs). I've been researching Allen, Vintage Sound, Louis Electric, and some others, but this Iron Horse Heritage is fascinating. Seems small and powerful, with good clean headroom, and some grit, if...
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    BOSS Nextone Amplifier

    Stage 40 owner here. I agree this amp has very good tone, with lots of shimmer, overtones, or just plain magic sound. I was hoping to use it on smaller jobs, but this subtle "magic" didnt translate to gigs. The Magic got washed out, and what was left was a lifeless, cardboard -like sound. This...
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    Small Midi Processing pedal

    I'm trying to find a small pedal that will allow inputting CC messages and convert them to PC messages. I have a Boss MS-3 that will only send PC's when changing patches. I want to be able to send PC's WITHIN a Boss patch(in manual mode) to cycle thru patches on Blackstar amp. I think some...
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    Boss MS-3 Tips, Tricks & Settings Thread

    Hi, I have the same question. Can you send program changes in the manual mode with one of the foot switches? I want to be able to cycle thru patches on my amp (Blackstar ID60 TVP) WITHIN one MS-3 patch. So far, it appears you can only send PC messages in Memory mode as you switch to MS-3...
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    BOSS MS-3 Assigns question

    Hi, Late to the party, but a Blackstar 60,260 or head TVP(or the newer Silverline series) have great midi implementation. Solid state, but would be hard pressed to tell. I put my Mesa Express plus away in favor of the 60TVP. It's just handier, and sounds as good live(But not at home). If...
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    Decibel Eleven Switch Dr.: help for a MIDI mental midget

    Hi GusFowler, Read your post, and am interested in your experience with this item. Afraid I won t be much help to you, but I am considering buying this model. They seem to be closing them out on their web site. It seems like a 2014 model, and I don't know if they update firm ware ( No USB...
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    BOSS Nextone Amplifier

    Hi, do you think it increased usable clean headroom? I'm going to try gigging my Stage, but wonder if it has enough power . Thanks.
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    BOSS Nextone Amplifier

    Did the neo increase the head room? I intend to try to gig with my Stage, and am wondering if clean volume is enough. Thanks!
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    BOSS Nextone Amplifier

    I have 2 topics I'd like to see if anyone here has experience with. 1) I have the Stage and plan to try gigging with it. Anyone had success, or is it under powered? (Country/Oldie band, 50-200 crowds, no micing instruments.). Has anyone replaced speaker to get more clean vol. ( I saw...
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    Katana. Mk II.

    I only have the MK 1 100, but I wanted to post here because several of these posts hit home with me. I love the idea of the Katana and the computer interface for all the possible tweaking, which I did a lot, at home , pre-gig. I get the amp sounding great, but it just doesn't translate to...
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    I think these katana patches are the best to date

    Hey Dazco, That link doesn't seem to work, and I would really like to try those settings. Are they available anywhere else? Thanks!
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    Looking for Multi effects pedal that wont rob (suck) tone

    Thank you for the information! Lots of Knowledge here! I think my Moen loop switcher was degrading tone more than ME-80. I tried similar test using Radial passive ABY, and loss was less. I plan to try it that way next gig. Could even try wet/dry 2 amp method. MS-3 does sound interesting, as...
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    Looking for Multi effects pedal that wont rob (suck) tone

    Thanks for the information. I just tried My ME 80 using a Radial passive ABY amp splitter, and that had less loss than my first trial using active Moen loop switcher. I think it may be ok for gigs. Will try this Friday. For home/ studio use I would be interested in your wet/dry method...
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