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    Black Guitars - Post yours

    Fano sp6 Std
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    Fender Cabronita ltd Aztec gold: any issues ?

    I’ll get it tomorrow, local ad, trusted seller. Anyone has it and can give a quick review ? Anything I should be worried about ? Like a super skinny neck for example:stir
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    Is the Headrush Pedalboard the Edsel of modelers?

    Idk To me that touch screen on the HR looks so well thought that makes the competition quite similar to my 90s Ericsson phone. Everybody should adopt this idea instead of trying to make high-end units full of small buttons and knobs
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    Headrush gigboard vs L6 Helix HX

    More info on this would be precious
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    Headrush gigboard vs L6 Helix HX

    Hello dear TGPers Lots of info on these boards, endless discussions and myriad opinions so now my mind is really confused. I need to buy one tomorrow to use with my MacBook / Logic setup for quick recording solutions and the occasional practise. I have no other options, only these two are...
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    NGD Gibson Les Paul Classic "Lite"

    I’m currently having two 2015 less + on my Reverb watching list as I find the concept really attractive so this thread is exactly what I needed ! @HoboMan can I ask if you find any tonal difference between your full-bodied Classic and this one, on the neck pickup with a clean setting ?
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    New types of pickups that are NOT trying to be something already done.

    Bardens. They have been discussed to death but still I believe they are not similar to anything else ever produced. To my ears they are a “full range microphone”, capable of listening to everything you do with your pick and strings, etc, etc...
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    Your Prettiest Guitar

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    Your Prettiest Guitar

    Ever since I saw this Spectra Sonic beauty at a MESSE years ago I knew I had to get one. Still trying :))
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    Green stuff

    S2 Std 24. Seafoam green. Simply irresistible
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    Almost scored a vintage Strat?!!

    You can leave your TGP member card by the door on your way out :hide
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    Whats the appeal of Steinberger guitars?

    Random thoughts: all the tech info on Steins is covered by other forum members, I will just underline Gilmour‘s connection which was a BIG thing for many of us, like REALLY BIG. Steinberger was way ahead of his time, being cursed with the same need like Ken Parker - to push things way further...
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    Prince borrows some guitars then breaks them

    Well a dead man cannot argue back, can he ? Anyway, this becomes another discussion about what matters most: the art, or the person producing it.
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    Which decade influenced your guitar purchases ?

    For me it was unfortunately the 90s, and the ”unfortunately“ goes to the epic confusion of Jacksons / Mustangs / 335s and Telecasters all simultaneously floating in my mind. Friends and colleagues ask about my “favorite“ guitar and on Monday it is a Strat, Wednesday brings a Parker and Sunday I...
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    NGD: New Suhr Pete Thorn Signature in Garnet Red - WOW!!!!!!!

    Sincerely this is the only Suhr I’d buy, and yours dear OP is a very, very attractive one !!

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