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  1. SimonGotthelf

    Carl Martin Ottawa

    Nope, just that autowah thing. no boost or distortion cheers Simon
  2. SimonGotthelf

    Carl Martin Ottawa

    Thanks man - I like a lot and have actually never really used autowahs before Cheers Simon
  3. SimonGotthelf

    Carl Martin 2019 Purple Moon Vintage Fuzz n´Vibe

    Hi Tony Thank you, I am glad you like my videos :) I don´t remember this pedal as being noisy. Most fuzzes can be quite noisy when you turn them up. My memory about this pedal is that the vibe sounds amazing and the fuzz is good but not like the greatest Fuzz Face or some of the other...
  4. SimonGotthelf

    Dane Classic 15 Combo amp - Demo by Simon Gotthelf

    Hi guys Here is my demo of this new great combo amp from Dane Amps. It is affordable, has built-in spring reverb and tremolo, takes pedals really well and it sounds great IMO Hope you dig it
  5. SimonGotthelf

    Carl Martin Ottawa

    Hi friends The brand new Ottawa (or auto-Wah) from Carl Martin released today Hope you like it
  6. SimonGotthelf

    A new take on the legendary Klon - Nordvang Custom Nr.1 is just amazing

    I have and it is great. The new added pre-gain circuit is a cool addition to the pedal. I also have a 15 minute noodling video with this pedal on my YT if you are interested
  7. SimonGotthelf

    Rundown of my AxeFX3 preset based on the Komet 60 amp (free preset included)

    Hi guys Here is a quick rundown of the sound I dialed in on the Fractal AxeFx3 for my playthrough of "Whassup" feat Derek Sherinian If you want to check it out it is free on the AxeChange right here: AxeChange: Whassup If you dig it, let me know (and check out my album ;))
  8. SimonGotthelf

    Whassup feat Derek Sherinian / playthrough

    Thanks guys. I appreciate your kind words. If you are interested in the sounds I just did a video where I run through the settings on my AxeFx3
  9. SimonGotthelf

    Whassup feat Derek Sherinian / playthrough

    Hi guys Playthrough of the opening track on my album - hope you like it
  10. SimonGotthelf

    New Free Axe-Fx Preset and playthrough of my song Whassup feat. Derek Sherenian

    Hi guys If you want to try this preset go to the Axe-Change and grab it: AxeChange: Simon Gotthelf: Whassup If you dig it you might want to check out my album and other presets. Album: Simon Gotthelf: All Things Guitar Cheers Simon
  11. SimonGotthelf

    LP Playthrough with Fractal Axe-Fx 3 (Free Preset)

    Thanks man I am glad you like it
  12. SimonGotthelf

    Playthrough of my song LP from my new album

    Hi friends Here is a playthrough of my song LP from my brand new instrumental guitar album. Hope you want to check it out :) I have some killer musicians on this tune: Organ: Lachy Doley Perc: Michito Sanchez Drums: Lars Daugaard Bass: HC Röder If you like it, check out the album here...
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