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    Do these Fuzz Faces sound the same or different to you?

    Vintage is way hairier and has that nice ragged edge. Winner for me. But to answer the question...different.
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    I hate to give absolutes but the vox pathfinder destroys 80% of all amps.

    Thread revival. I’ve had this amp awhile...but never really played it much. Normally play through the deluxe reverb. it IS really a great little amp. I initially didn’t know how to dial it in. I keep the boost off, gain low and use pedals for crunch. Just enough reverb when it’s maxed out...
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    NSSSLD - New Simple Sweet Spot Looper Day

    I posted a pic of this the other day. I’d never seen it before. ANY audio issues? Seamless switching?...Like a ditto? 3...2 more than 1. Perfect
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    I already have a DLS III but am considering buying a used Xotic SL Drive.

    I find the sl drive stacks MUCH better in super bass mode. I’m talking fuzz faces out front...
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    Donner looper

    What about this one? Haven’t seen it before
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    MJM Guitar FX London Fuzz - Appreciation Thread!

    Like this?! it’s actually a GE though. From what I was told. But finicky in hot temps so I never really assumed it wasn’t. Are they GE trannies? [
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    How's the Malekko Ekko 616?

    Underrated delay. Really nice delay with some great features. Cons: had terrible reliability. I’ve had 3 all up. All have had weird probs. Plus I still the buffer seems to overly add too much presence. currently got an Ibanez mini delay. Hasn’t got the same mojo.
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    Micro Pog equivalent / upgrade

    Don’t discount the Tender Octaver. You may have tried a V2 one. I have a V1 and a micro log at the same time and found it to be every bit as good. Not a good as a Full sized pog though! I think there is even a V3 out now? V2 appeared when there was a copyright claim on the V1.
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    Why is my Gretsch so muddy with OD?

    Ease up...was just a joke.
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    Non-Typical Big Muff Settings

    I run my Manx with the gain almost all the way off, tone neutral and only slightly volume boosted. It’s a really great fat overdrive sound and still heavy enough for QOTSA type tones. Plus I can stack a fuzz face into it. Fuzz on fuzz...need i say more
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    Fuzz War alternative

    Are there any Fuzz war alternatives out there? Clones? Something that will get me close? Seems to have that heavy, almost intermodulation thing happening
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    I'm looking for a fuzz

    Candiru fuzz...(candy apple fuzz with gate)