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Recent content by Skaman579

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    Why don't more people play Hiwatt?

    ^ Heavy Iron= heavy tone
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    Anybody own an amp from their birth year?

    Close.. 87 silver jubilee i was born in 88
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    Please help me find a pickup for my tele

    Dimarion virtual hot t or DP 420 virtual solo!
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    New ZVEX Seven Announced.

    it's a Fuzz Factory 7 it has a tone knob and the fat knob and the other footswitch is to disengage the tone knob probably for a boost
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    How many dirt pedals do you currently have on your board?

    well....on my main board i have z.vex Fuzz Factory Xotic AC booster Menatone Fish Factory Fulltone OCD v1 Fulltone Ultimate Octave other board.. Srb 808 plus Nick Greer Sonic Boom Boost Xotic BB preamp with Mid boost
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    Menatone Fish Factory. Which one? 6 or 8 knob?

    i have a 6 knob stackable one and have tried the 8 knob i got the 6 knob for 240.. and the 8 knobs were going for 360 so i went that route the extra tone shaping is nice, the pres control on the blue side makes the blue sound more marshally and it is nice to be able to tame the highs on the fish...
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    Bogner Alchemist advice needed!

    No it's really Line 6... Designed by bogner but not supported
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    What kind of amps are you pedal fans using?

    but when i say amp and head.... 2003-4 bogner Shiva El34 1X12 but with another Shiva 1X12 cab! so it's either Tall 1X12 or Wide spread!
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    No Matter What the Temptation, which Pedal is UR Keeper for Life?

    three way Tie Between my V2 OCD, Demeter Tremulator, and Menatone Fish Factory
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    2 Dirt Pedals, 1 Modulation, & 1 Delay - Lay out your choices.

    Xotic Ac Booster Menatone Fish Factory Boss dd-20 Demeter Tremulator
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    Show your pedalboard #33

    pedalboard_n by Skaman579, on Flickr
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    Who uses 4 or more dirt pedals on their board...

    i use an Xotic Ac Booster Menatone Fish Factory (Technically 2 dirt boxes) and an OCD v2 Fuzz Zvex Fuzz factory Menatone Ultimate octave
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    Really amazing sounding 1x12 cabinet?

    Really into the bogner shiva 1x12 cab it has sounded amazing with my silver jubilee, modded tiny terror and of course my bogner shiva... Huge tone my roomate constantly asks to borrow it over his marshall 4x12 cab for gigs
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    Backup amp strategy

    I carry a modded tiny terror in case my shiva goes down... 80-15 is a big jump but i dig it and it works
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