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  1. skiltrip

    Good 12" speaker for small closed back Bugera 112 cab?

    I took off the back and sawed the thing in half. No need for fancy stuff. Sounds better already. Lol.
  2. skiltrip

    Good 12" speaker for small closed back Bugera 112 cab?

    I had thought about that. I think I will. And to the poster above, yeah, not worth $$$ on speakers for that Bugera cab when it’s becoming obvious the cab itself is the weak point.
  3. skiltrip

    Good 12" speaker for small closed back Bugera 112 cab?

    I've got an interesting thing happening with two cabs with identical speakers in them. I have one of those Bugera 112 cabs. It's small, closed back. It's got a Texas Heat I put in it. I've also got a Seismic oversized partially open back 112 cab, also with a Texas Heat. The Seismic cab...
  4. skiltrip

    Be careful buying from Prymaxe

    I had the same experience, up until I didn't anymore. All it takes is one transaction going sideways to change your perspective. I ordered 7ish pedals from them over last year and the beginning of this year, and no problems on any of them. They even refunded one return promptly for something...
  5. skiltrip

    I just replaced my Boss RV6 with...

    I love my RV-6 but sort of hate that it makes checking out new reverb pedals a useless endeavor. It just works so perfectly in Room, Plate, Spring, and Mod settings that it really does it all. The ONLY negative I'd have is I wish it had a wider, more interesting stereo field when used in...
  6. skiltrip

    Orange micro dark headphone out

    I did this the other day. Was much, much better than I expected it to be!
  7. skiltrip

    Orange Amplification Owners Thread

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Definitely interested in the Dark Terror. The price is pretty great. Also looking at the OR15, Dual Terror, and Rocker 15. I don't know much about the differences between them, but I've got a bit of learning to do.
  8. skiltrip

    Orange Amplification Owners Thread

    Never had an Orange. Just got the Micro Dark hoping it'd be a good clean pedal platform and well as an opportunity to get a taste for some sludgy Orange gain. And it delivers all around. I can't believe how fantastic it sounds getting hit with low to high gain with my BE-OD or Wampler...
  9. skiltrip

    Orange micro dark headphone out

    I just got a Micro Dark and the headphone sounds like garbage to me. I've never heard any gainy amp through a built in headphone jack that didn't sound like a can of bees. However, I do love the amp. Just don't like the headphone, but I was never going to use it like that anyway. For me...
  10. skiltrip

    TC Electronic Polytune Clip-on on sale @ Sweetwater

    I already had one and bought three more. Why? "Why not?" is the best answer I can come up with. I figure I can just leave one on my bass, leave one on my main acoustic. Leave one as a floater and one to keep in the box in case one of the other ones ever die. So far all three new ones are in...
  11. skiltrip

    The New Boss DD-200

    Thanks for sharing that. I sometimes toy with upgrading to the DD-500, but it's HUGE, and I gotta keep reminding myself that I do NOT like menu diving, not even a little bit. The DD-200 never requires me to go beyond the face controls, and it's a big plus for me.
  12. skiltrip

    Anyone use 13's (or heavier)?

    I tried some 12s and 13 recently, particularly on my Strat, but also on my Tele. I think it was last year. But eventually I compromised for a bit at 11s, then I just realized I was happier overall with 10s on everything and went back to 10s. Yeah, the heavier tension is interesting tonally...
  13. skiltrip

    EQD Plumes Exclusive Colors

    By "pop" are we meaning an audible pop? Or just straight up popping off the pedal? lol
  14. skiltrip

    Didja get anything cool for Black Friday?

    I went a little nuts, but nothing too over the top... 1.) Orange Micro Dark 2.) Two Notes Captor 8 3.) A handful of Unitune clip-on tuners. (Can't have too many of these things.) And if Cyber Monday counts add an EQD Plumes to the list.
  15. skiltrip

    Why is the Boss VB-2w so pricey....?

    Why is the Boss VB-2w priced so high? Is it just because they CAN? Or is the circuitry inside really that involved, and/or has really expensive components? I know it's a really popular circuit, but that Behringer UV300 nails the VB-2 for under $25 bucks. I'd gladly buy the Boss if it were...
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