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    Tony Lewis, Lead Singer of The Outfield, Dies at 62

    He had a great voice for their style of 80's pop. Your Love is one of the best songs from the era. They were a good band. I always liked that their songs were more guitar driven than most other pop bands.
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    I like Bon Jovi

    LIkely spends most of his time with Orianthi. Can't blame him. They've recorded some music together. I like the songs i heard.
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    I like Bon Jovi

    That was my 1st concert. Saw it Jackson, MS. Agree with much of what you said. Most fans in the arena that night realized Bon Jovi was going to be huge. Most of the band was just into their mid 20's but they performed like seasoned pros. Saw them twice a few years later on the New Jersey tour...
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    Favorite Lineup of Bands who Changed Members

    Kiss with Bruce & Eric. Ozzy with Jake. Scorpions with Matthias.
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    A really good trumpet tune

    love his playing. everything he does is wonderful. Most people have their favorite renditions of the star spangled banner. IMO, none top Chris Botti's . My favorite trumpet song.
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    Bobby Darin

    This one makes me smile. Always played shortly before first pitch on a sunday game at Yankee Stadium.
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    A question for Eric Johnson fans who have seen him live.

    Now a days, it's usually for just a few songs throughout the set. Before the unfortunate death of Bill Maddox when they were doing the Alien Love Child thing, he'd use a Gibson much more. One show I saw at Antone's, he played a flying V on everything but a pair of Hendrix covers. At some of ALC...
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    This is in my top 5 Kiss songs

    I prefer the Lick it Up- Crazy Nights records. King of the Mountain Reason to Live Thrills in the Night Hide Your Heart Exciter ------------ Make up years: Strutter Black Diamond I stole Your Love Makin' Love Love Gun
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    Appetite for Destruction was released 33 years ago today.....

    Bought it shortly after its release at Camelot Music. Got it & White Lion's Pride the same day. GnR was opening for Motley Crue & WL for Kiss at upcoming shows at a local arena. So I wanted to be familiar with their material. Hated Appetite on the initial listen. But quickly came to like it. By...
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    Concerts you wish you’d went to when you had the chance.

    Ozzy on the Ultimate Sin Tour with Queensryche opening in Biloxi, MS. One of the last few shows with Jake.
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    If you could’a stood in one spot in Rock n Roll history...

    any of the nights at long beach arena when iron maiden recorded much of live after death.
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    Don Dokken - Up From The Ashes

    As a fan of Dokken's first 4 albums, I think that Up from the Ashes is every bit as good & perhaps better than those Dokken records. Like Matt L said, Norum & White's guitar work is outstanding. Monster tones as well. I like every track. Don put together an all star band for that album. Peter...